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The Beloit Podcast
« on: June 20, 2015, 04:48:43 PM »
I have jumped into the podcasting realm. After years of podcasting and finding education through audio I am finally utilizing a skill that I enjoy doing. A lot of thanks goes to Jack and The Survival Podcast for inspiring me to do something as he says "the same but different". I have taken the idea of Jacks interviews with people who inspire others with the work they do, and used this for the basis of my podcast. I am talking to the community in my city, Beloit Wisconsin, and I am letting them share their thoughts about our past, present, and future. I am trying to create the foundation for doing what Jack does....but doing so on a smaller, more focused, less broad ranged, way. I am also looking to create a possible Podcast/media network that will possibly launch in ANY city that has a willing and enthusiastic person available. My city is very unique and has as many stories as any other place in America. For that reason I am doing this 5 days a week, 3 features Tuesday-Thursday, and of course questions and answers on mondays/Fridays for listeners.

My hope is that Jack and other members of this forum do not have any issues with what Im doing with the show as it is similar to TSP. I honestly just think it is a necessary tool, something to utilize for the position I am in, living in what is known as little Detroit. If anyone has any opinions to share I would greatly appreciate it.