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Creating a Bootable USB Survival Stick

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It just goes to show what I know. ;D I have some newer PC's that won't boot from USB, but they will read the larger sticks. Thanks for the clarification!

Yep - good point about the larger USB Sticks
A good way around older computers reading them is to partition them into 2GB Partitions (eg. 4GB Drive could have 2 x 2GB Partitions - Both formatted FAT32) - im pretty sure all partitions will be available to the OS on the Stick and to normal mounting under windows.

The size if the base OS (Slax) is only 200MB and the additional Software (TrueCrypt and Wifi) are only an additional 8MB - this leaves Heaps of room (about 1.6GB after REAL Drive size) for your personal docs and another reason i picked Slax - you could probably get it smaller, but thats just being picky


PS If you want instructions on how to partition the USB Drives - let me know - but its one of those things you had better make sure your selecting the correct drive. It sounds like you guys know what your doing anyway.

The whole process takes no longer than about 10 minutes

I haven't used Slax, but since it is Slackware based, should be a rock solid image.

I won't be able to do anything with it for a month or more.  Work and home life is taking up all my free time.

I have installed it on my 2 gb stick and cant it to work. It tells me that there is not a bootable partition on the drive.


It has been years since I've used Windows regularly, so I may be way off here.  I seem to recall a setting where you have to put a check in a box to indicate the drive is to be bootable.  Not sure if this is the reason or not, but may be worth a look.

But in case it is not the case, what version of Windows are you using to create the drive? 


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