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Creating a Bootable USB Survival Stick

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  Hopefully I can give something back to the community, I don't have much to offer except perhaps some knowledge and experience.

The link below will tell you how to create a USB Pen Drive (Stick) that aswell as having your important files and things - it's also bootable on almost any computer that can be booted from a USB Drive. This may come in handy when you don't have your computer, but want to bypass the operating system of a computer you have access to, but no idea of what is on it as far getting access to your files.

Stage II - The USB Drive (Using has TrueCrypt (Encryption) which is perfect for all those private documents. I have selected Slax as the operating system - there are others but that is what I have experience with.
Parts of the document that mention have not been uploaded yet as I'm not sure about the License for TrueCrypt - when installing via that file there is no usual Accept Terms button you get when installing software. Although it is a standard module for Slax, so it should be ok.

Please read the document properly as there are a few critical parts (well 1 actually)

I would like to know peoples experiences with this thing - especially non-technical people
Also disregard the "Explanation of Documents and Software" section as its in the

If you would like the next stage (TrueCrypt and Wifi) and a Survival Podcast Link, please let me know and i'll update the Documentation

Setup Document.pdf - 0.04MB

For now I just want to see how many people get the Bootable Stick Created
This document is evolving

Good luck

PS the zSHARE file will only be hosted for so long - then deleted a certain period after the last download
PPS For the technical - if you manually install the TrueCrypt Module from the Slax site - it will not work by default, there are a few tricks to get it working - if interested let me know. The file will install and configure it correctly - but thats stage II

I would like this to end up with Documents / HowTos / Manuals etc. installed by default aswell - but im not sure how the copyrights / licenses work if stuff like the FM 3-05.70 (FM 21-76) - Survival.pdf Field Manuals are to go on it aswell.
Anyone elses information from these forums they would like to see would be good aswell

Worst case we could have links to web sites to download the stuff - but those links go out of date

This Will be available to all people on the internet and also may link to other sites/podcasts on the internet

It Will always be free

Note: Being from New Zealand im not up on the latest legal stuff in America

I haven't taken a look at the actual documents yet, but will.  I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together.  There have been discussions in the past about keeping a survival USB stick with all the pertinent documentation, but not really a how to.

Question, about how large an image does this end up being?  Personally, I'd like to stick to a thumb drive that is smaller than 2 Gig since there's a limit in some older computers. 

I haven't checked this out yet, but am planning on it. Right now I carry everything I need on a USB drive and a backup on a mini-sd card with SD adapter. I haven't looked into the bootable USB yet, but I'd hazard a guess that any PC that can handle booting from the USB drive can probably read larger sticks.



--- Quote from: vicious on October 11, 2009, 12:25:55 PM --- I'd hazard a guess that any PC that can handle booting from the USB drive can probably read larger sticks.


--- End quote ---
Not necessarily, I have 2 spare computers that will boot off the USB, but will not recognise the hi capacity sticks.


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