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keeping quail andchickens warm without electricity


Gale Dacalio:
Hi guys, I a trying to figure out a way to keep my quail warm without electricity.  Here is the deal.  I should get some eggs tomorrow.  I have a nice incubator and am going to make a little brood box for the babies with a light for warmth.  This will be in the house so no problems with heat there.  But I was hoping in 2 or 3 weeks to get them outside.  I live in SW Georgia so it's not real cold.  But it can still get in the 40's at night. I have a big coop I was planning to put the quail cages in to keep the elements and predators off them. But heat is still an issue. Two ideas I like are those little brooders that are low wattage like the Brisnea eco brooders:  (Tried to post a link but it doesn't seem to work.) I was also seeing a video using a metal plate with a smaller wattage heat lamp like 40 to 75 attached.  I was originally thinking of connecting one of these to solar.  I am reading a lot and learning about solar.  But I don't see anything like this using solar or batteries.  I don't want to invest a lot of money just to be disappointed. I also don't want to deal with propane or any fire hazard.  Any ideas, suggestions, or links will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Gale  ???

Morning Sunshine:
We usually keep our chicks inside the house until it is warm enough outside.  But last time we had chicks, my SIL and her family were coming to stay, and she has bad allergies to ALL fur and feathers.  So...

They were probably about 3 weeks old at this point, starting to feather out, but still tiny and mostly down.  We had 9 chicks.  We had warmer days and still cold nights; our chicken house gets quite warm when the door is closed during the day.

I booted the adult chickens to the covered run and that left the 4'x8' house just for the chicks.  For the first week, we did the following Morning, noon and night.  After that, it was just before bed.

We took some homemade rice bag buddies, you know the ones you warm in the microwave?  We heated those, put them in a ziplock bag to protect from poop, and then covered those with a pillow case.
Then we put those inside a small cooler, tipped on its side, near the wall farthest from the door.  The chicks slept on that all huddled in a pile.

We kept their food and water close to the door, so they had to move around a bit to eat.

It must have worked - all 9 lived.  I think we kept that up for a month before it got consistently warm enough and they feathered out more.

How about something like this:

You'd have to come up with some kind of fire-proof container and experiment to get the temperature right, but these along with the lighter fluid are really cheap and can last up to 12 hours.

Gale Dacalio:
Thanks guys for your answers.  Good ideas for me to consider.  I might just get that hand warmer for me!


No way to string a light weigth extension cord out there?


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