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Free Chickens arn't free

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First questions on Automatic hen house doors. 
Anyone have experience with automatic hen house doors? 
Did you find it worth the investment? 
Did it take long for the chickens to learn to be in before it closes?  Or am I the only one who's chicken like to sit on the ramp and watch the sun set? 
Are the auto closers safe what should I watch for? 
Any other advise?

So Friday night of a busy weekend that I was extending with a vacation day I get a text from a coworker she got extra laying hens when she ordered meat birds do I want any.  The wife and I say sure.  That was quickly followed by "where are we going to put them?".  We had been planning on extending the chicken run and had an idea of a new larger coop, but not a full on plan.  Quick research and we only need half of the platform we have for the floor.  Great cut it here and we are off to the races.  No soon had the saw shutdown and we discovered we used the wrong number now I need to rebuild the super pallet (now in 2 5fot square pieces) back into its original shape and size.  it will be easier to lift into place this way, got to find a bright side.  We then clear the spot between the compost bin and the chick run and start to get level.  Designing on the fly we made some mistakes but nothing too serous.  Working until daylight was gone Saturday, Sunday and Monday with lots of interruptions and the chickens are in last night today the wife and kids are making it livable, but we have a serous chicken coop to add the "Free" chickens to my existing flock.  The old coop is still there to house the new birds while we get them used to each other. 
As we look closely at the 11 new birds and think, we realize that the chances are most if not all are Roosters.  They are 8 weeks old so we are looking at tails and comb.  I am guessing 3 Hens and the rest roo0sters.  Since we did not have a rooster we can lifve with one and learn the art of butchering and cleaning on the rest of them.

Good luck! Sounds like you are off to a good start.

Ayup......2 of our free goats were not free.....more fencing......

Morning Sunshine:
and ALWAYS say no to a free llama.....  there is a reason the thing is free ???

Lol. Karma for the llama advice


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