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Fritz's leatherwork thread

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I mentioned in some other threads that I'm trying my hand at leatherwork.  I decided to start this thread to keep track of my leatherwork projects.

First project wasn't leather, it's a stitching pony that holds the piece while stitching.  Wood was all left over from other projects.  I did have to buy the lag bolts and the wing nuts.  So a total of about $5.

This was a practice stitching piece.  I was just sewing 2 pieces of leather together.  I noticed that my thread scissors fit perfectly, so that's what it's used for.

This was the real reason that I started doing leatherwork.  I wanted to have a better way of carrying my EDC gear.  This is the first take on a pocket organizer. 

While I was at the Tandy store, I decided to get some snaps for future projects.  I wanted to try putting some snaps into leather, so decided to make a couple earbud holders.  Snaps aren't nearly as easy as they seem to be.

I was pretty happy with the other organizer, but it was a bit floppy.  I wanted something that was stiffer.  I also wanted to try wet forming leather.  So here's the most recent version of my pocket organizer.

Mr. Bill:
Cool!  Looks like that will be a useful skill to learn.

Very cool.



Cool. Are you using lacing or a hand sewing awl? I'm not sure what I see in the pics. Just curious.


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