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How to make an emergency water filter


Here is how to make an emergency water filter for rain water (Note: this is for rain water and not a bacteria filled pond or stream)

You will need a few things:
Empty water bottle or soda bottle
Bag of cotton balls
Activated carbon (You can buy it at a pet store for use in fish tanks)
Empty clean bucket

Ok Take your water bottle, and poke a bunch of small holes in the bottom. Pack in some cotton balls, pack them down until you have about 1 inch of tightly packed cotton.
Pour in some carbon. I have never found out exactly how much you need, so I err on the side of caution. Pour in carbon until you can measure about an inch of carbon.
Pack in more cotton about 1 1/2 inch this time.

Put the funnel in the top and pour in some rain water from your rain barrel. Hold the filter over your bucket and fill err up!

There you have it, it works in pretty much the same way as a Britta. It will make rain water taste better, and remove particulate and chemicals from your rain barrel.

Mr. Blank:
Pictures  ;)


--- Quote from: Trioxin on October 15, 2008, 02:17:24 PM ---Pictures  ;)

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Yeah, especially pictures of you covered in activated charcoal. ;D +1

Reminds me of my EMS days...activated charcoal, a nasogastric tube & an unhappy patient...good times man, good times. ;D

Heh, you twisted my arm.
I did it a few years ago. Guess I might as well do it again and take some pix.


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