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"Wake me when there are dozens of such groups operating in many cities who accidentally bump into one another while on heists."


I know... I was dumbfounded at this, especially since the guy has a wife and kid and should be concerned about their safety.

After a few more posts like that, I really did consider de-friending the guy.  I would not de-friend someone based on their political views, but this guy's utter disregard for safety and what was, in my mind, common sense, pushed me to consider it.

Ultimately I chose to not de-friend him because frankly, having multiple points of view is a good thing. To quote Starship Troopers movie, "To fight the bug (grasshopper!), we must first understand the bug (grasshopper)."  I chose to keep him around as my lab rat.    ;D

 Their ignorance is job security for some of us.

Yeah I can't believe how many of my friends announce on facebook there on vacation or out to a ball game etc... just asking for trouble IMO.


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