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Portable Satellite Phones

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JPH - Would your situation call for a fixed solution, portable solution, or mobile solution?  Each could have greatly different equipment and costs (I listed them highest to lowest).  There are ways to connect back to your PC without using land based infrastructure but as with any satellite solution it is fairly expensive. 

What are you wanting to access on your home system?  If it is just data there are ways to keep copies off site that would be accessible from anywhere.

Give me a little more info on your requirements and I'll be able to narrow down some choices.


--- Quote from: Rock2Fox on January 12, 2009, 03:56:10 PM ---That is some pretty fancy gear.  I know it is none of the internet population's business, but is your work that requires such capabilities government or civilian in nature?

--- End quote ---

Mostly .gov although I do use some at my civilian job too (I work for .gov and .com)  This stuff is too pricey to afford personally.  The data on some of these devices is around $7.50 per megabyte.  Not worth paying the $30 it would take just to send one digital camera picture. 

PM inbound with some details, then we can bring this topic back in to the open forum if thats ok with you.  I am off to work for now but have a long weekend this weekend so I will get my ducks in a row and PM you ASAP.

Thanks for the help,

Ok change of planes I would rather keep as much information in the open forum so that all can benefit. 

The only reason that I want to keep some of the information off a public forum is because of the interest of my employer, due to competition and client confidentiality, he has asked me to simply not discuses all aspects of this business until he goes public with his capabilities with a new marketing campaign (in about 3-6 months).

Therefore, I will speak in general terms and let us all learn from this.

Additionally, I have decided that I would like to incorporate some of this technology in to my preps, although on a smaller scale due to financial constraints, so I don’t want to limit my questions or you advice to top of the line expensive solutions.

With all that said I would like to start with handheld satellite phones that can also be used to access the internet like a cellular broadband card would be used. I would like to understand who has the best coverage in the US and abroad.  Also I would want to look in to payment options such as prepaid (for my preps) and group plans (for my employer who would start off with about 5 phones)

For both applications the sat phone would be the back up for when land line and cellular access is limited or nonexistent.

Thank-you for your time.


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