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I can get 5 miles outside to inside a brick home in the city with
can a two watt radi do the same?
if one was to (illeagally) add a diff antenna bet it would get better but i wouldn't advocate that(for disclaimer purposes)

I agree with most of above posted points, and answers.  I am a Ham(all most 40 years) and use (those bands) most of the time. But I have GMRS and MURs as well. Have used both. Baring your friends or family maybe not having MURS.

I believe it(MURS) is by far a better communications than GMRS. The reasons where all listed above. The biggest ones being the frequency it operates on and the fact you can put high gain antennas on it that can be mounted many feet above your radio location.

  You can also put a High Gain antenna in your car to make up for the 2 watts verses 5 watts.  I have talked 15 to 20 miles on murs from base to a mobile( on flat ground). Trying to do that with out use of a repeater on GMRS,( another can of worms)  unless it was from one mountain top to another would be very difficult to do.

Just my thoughts

Anyone have any thoughts about eXRS?  I've been doing a bit of research and so far they seem a bit better (digital, more secure) than GMRS or MURS radios.  I just want to get the facts/lessons learned before I start plunking down some $$$$.  Thanks!

And yes I read the thread at but no one commented on it.

They may be more secure, but don't expect more range. They operate in the 900 MHz band and have about the same transmit power than FRS.


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