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Any Kaito 1103 Owners here?


I had planned to buy one of these due to very favorable reviews on Amazon, but when I went to get one, I noticed a few recent reviews were all negative, making me wonder if they changed the quality somehow. Most of the reviews are positive on amazon and eham, but I wanted to check if anybody here had one and how they liked it.

The Kaito 1102 is a great radio for the price. Sounds good on FM, too. The radio uses a BFO for SSB and is pretty stable. Overall a terrific buy for around $70.

Haven't tried a 1103 yet.

Awesome. Thanks for the info, I'll do a spec comparison. Always tough to know if back to back poor reviews are just luck, the type of people that give poor reviews or a meaningful sign.

I have heard that the 1103 is a good radio, just has the odd analog dial which some people find awkward especially with the digital readout.

I have a Kaito 1103 and I love it


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