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The last days of secure end-to-end encryption?

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--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on February 21, 2020, 08:33:35 PM ---What should have happened, 20 years ago, is encrypted e-mail becoming the normal way to send messages.

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Yep, it certainly should have.  However, everyone was thrilled with being able to talk to people around the world almost instantly.  There was no thought of privacy.  After all, who is interested in what my Mom talks to her twin sister about?  I've read some of it, it's REALLY not interesting to anyone but them.  I think most people thing the same way, "I have nothing to hide, so I don't need to worry about anyone intercepting it."  Until they are interested in what you have to say, then it's too late.

I've never really used encrypted email until recently.  I use Proton mail instead of my usually snooped on by everyone gmail for a few things I don't want getting hacked.  However, I do use encryption to keep things like password lists secure.  I now use Veracrypt, the new version of Truecrypt.  Really long, random passwords are the essential part often overlooked or ignored that can make an otherwise secure encrypted 'message' easy to hack.  If of interest, a Raspberry Pi, the A1 plus in particular is a good way to go.  It runs Linux based and the OS is free to download. The A1 plus has no built in wifi or bluetooth to be snooped on, but does have a usb and ethernet port to connect to.  Plenty of free software online, and since it's disk is a micro sd card you can remove it and/ or swap it to something else.  I got interested in the only truly uncrackable encryption method, the one time pad.  There are some programs you can download, but I didn't like the few I looked at so I started writing my own version in Python (also free).  Another thing with the A1 plus is low power drawer.  Mine will run a few days off a small 10AH battery bank. 

If interested in One Time Pads do some research, there are some essential things to make it absolutely secure like a TRULY RANDOM password.  Other possible limitations are the password has to be at least as big as the information being encrypted, and no password can ever be reused- ever.  I know this thread was about end to end encryption, but your encrypted message can simply be emailed as an attachment.  With a OTP you can post your encrypted message anywhere with no concerns about it being hacked- as long as you do things right. 


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