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VPN Provider Recommendations?

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--- Quote from: Pathfinder on August 23, 2018, 01:12:49 PM ---I've been using NordVPN. Works very nicely, easy to install and multi-platform (PCs, IOS, Android).

--- End quote ---

iOS is a big selling point for me.  ProtonVPN doesn't have that, yet.

I tried the free versions of Proton mail and Proton VPN.  My plan for Proton mail was to only use it for things I didn't want GMail snooping into- or hackers.  I kept the free mail but upgraded to their paid VPN, at least in part to help support their efforts.  I use the VPN on my laptop and an aging small Android tablet.  Even on the tablet the VPN is pretty quick.  Give the free versions a try and see how you like it.

Thanks, Ralph.

I am really liking Proton’s mission.  Seems like their heart’s in the right place and they’ve got the brain power to pull it off.

Yes, I like Proton's ideas.  If I am not mistaken the paid VPN version is faster and allows extra features.  Reading their 'about me' information made me think about why I have to go to a foreign country to obtain some privacy. 

I signed up for the free ProtonMail, which was easy and private, and it looks like I can use the same login credentials for the VPN, but haven't actually tried it yet.  Once you have the account they'll accept bitcoin payments, so I'll probably spring for a paid account to help them out.


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