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VPN Provider Recommendations?

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Depending what site I go to (using Proton VPN) I get some foreign language sites too.  I am pretty sure that depends on which country the VPN is connected through.  Not usually a big deal except a few sites I have accounts with come up with 'we do not recognize...' messages.  Sometimes I just force the VPN through the USA to get by that or go through the verification email or SMS.  I just chalk it up to the price of privacy.  All in all I don't mind the occasional inconvenience, it tells me the VPN is doing it's job. 

I use a paid version of Proton VPN to help support their efforts, but keep the free Proton email.  I only have a few things going to Proton mail so the limited space of the free version is not a problem.  All in all I like both.  One thing worth noting is that if your computer/ phone is compromised with malware the encryption may be useless since the information can be 'hijacked' in the clear.  That is true of any VPN or encrypted transmission.

I'd recommend AirVPN.
Best I've tried since 2012.

* They allow open incoming ports
* You can pay with Bitcoin to be more anonymous
* I can stream BitTorrent HD video so it's fast

I have a VPN connected WiFi where the router don't let clients out on the regular network.

Most all the pay VPN's are pretty good, I use Norton. Stay away from the free ones, they'll sell your info, that's why it's free.

I'm using Surfshark. It's cheaper than most of the other VPN providers, but other than that, they have quite decent reviews from users. From my personal experience, after using it for various tasks, such as streaming, torrenting, and, most importantly, bypassing geo-blocks, it hasn't disappointed me yet. Would recommend.

I have had good success using this to help make the setup of OpenVPN much easier.  Couple this with a cheap hosting provider like Vultr or DigitalOcean and you can have your own personal VPN for as little as 3.50$ to 5$ a month.  This may be a little more technical of an option than some folks want but if you have some basic Linux experience its easily do-able.


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