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TECSUN PL 360 ,a great portable radio that works

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The TECSUN PL 360 is a pretty good choice for a pocket radio for day to day ,travel,and preparedness use.

Covers FM: 87-108MHz;AM: 520-1710; SW: 2300-21950 KHz . NO SSB for Ham ,but still a great radio.
Has a built in alarm clock and sleep timer to shut down if you do.
It also has a built in thermometer C or F and auto-program scan for easy use with digital frequency display and external AM long range antenna that will do duty as a direction finder(you can get direction of listened to radio station on AM)

Built in charger for the AA batteries and charges from USB (Mini USB cable needed)from adapter,PC,or battery pack cell charger. I got a couple of weeks use without charging while in the nursing home. The pull up FM/SW antenna does good work with Short Wave commercial broadcast stations and local FM stations.

The provided carry case is good and I found the radio fits in a open top eyeglass case well as it is a little tall for shirt pocket carry.If it had an internal LED light would be a perfect little travel radio. It also has the attachable AM/Long wave antenna,the wire SW antenna (clips to the pull-up antenna) and an ear bud,the built in speaker is great for voice,but a bit small to listen to music...but acceptable.All this and 450 memories for FIFTY DOLLARS.

I still use this radio every day and it often plays talk radio all night to make the
noises that wake me or my dog...a talk radio stations keeps us aware of
bigfoot and alien activities...helps us both sleep better.The dog has become
a bit of a DITTO HEAD though.

Freedom Forged:
Thanks Carl, this is good information.  I've been considering a Tecsun but didn't know which model. 


--- Quote from: Freedom Forged on July 24, 2015, 11:48:28 AM ---Thanks Carl, this is good information.  I've been considering a Tecsun but didn't know which model. 

--- End quote ---

As noted ,this radio has a lot going for it ,but is an odd shape/size for pocket.
For the same features in a more traditional shape ,I would get a PL-380.

I have a Tecsun PL-380 and it is a great radio.  I also have a Tecsun PL-660 because the AMRRON website said you need a SW radio with SSB.  The 660 is a lot bigger and it has a big AC adapter instead of a USB cable for power. The newer Tecsun PL-880 looks like it uses a USB cable also.  I have a lot of AC and DC USB chargers that I bought for cell phones, so I really prefer this to a big proprietary AC adapter. I don't think the 660s reception is much better than the PL-380 and it is bigger and more expensive.  I guess it all depends on how important SSB is.  It sounds like you can listen to most HF ham radios with SSB but I can't hear much with mine.  Maybe it is an antenna issue.


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