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One of the best preps you can make is to become a licensed Amateur radio operator and aquire some equipment.  My suggestion would be to start out with the tech license and work your way up to at least a general license where you can operate on most of the HF bands.  When the Shumer hits, you will be able to communicate with others and ultimately get info from sources other than the "gubment".

I am interested in doing this.  There are tons of applications in being a radio operator.

Here's a site for practice tests:

I am licensed ans would be willing to answer any questions or concerns re this essential set of knowledge and skills.
QRZ is what I did.  They offer a set of tests that you can use online.  I did the practice tests for 3 weeks and passed my tech exam 100%

Awesome!  I'm sure you'll be a huge asset when this forum gets rolling.  Thanks for posting/offering to help others, we do appreciate it.

That would be great.  I'm looking into it as well.  I found a site that has tons of online practice exams which I am going over along as reading the study guide.  However where I'm going to be concerned with the most is in picking my equipment. 

I don't want professional grade however I do want something that is durable.   

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Ham site with study guide and online tests.

then select "getting started in Ham radido"
then choose "ham"


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