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radiogram for survival comms

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I've been wondering if anyone/everyone is aware of the NTS traffic system that can be used to
send messages to anywhere in the US for FREE and does not require the telephone system?
You do NOT need to be a ham to use it, but you need to find a ham to put your message into
the system.  Most messages are able to make the trip in 24hrs. 
It seems like a useful tool to put in your survival tool kit.

I have received two such messages since getting my tech license a short time ago and I have yet to touch a radio so it would seem to be a common means of communication.


The wikipedia version gives a nice nickel tour of radiograms:

As you might expect the ARRL has info on it:

Another basic description of what it is:

Tactical Badger:
I've listened in on my local Traffic Net a couple of times.  I'm not sure what it takes to get involved with the system if you are a HAM, but it was a lot of "code" they were throwing around.

Yeah, it's yet another way to communicate.  It's always good to have options.

Thanks for posting this.


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