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Multi-band mobiles

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Does any one have a multi-band mobile rig?  I'm thinking of one of those by Yaesu or ICOM that do 1.25, 2 and 6 meter.

Do these have multiple antenna leads or do you need an antenna tuner to make them work? 

I'm considering  a tri or quad-band mobile for my next radio, and wondered if I'd have the opportunity to drill more holes in my sheetmetal ;)  I already have one for my existing 2 meter, my cb :-[ and I plan on at least one more for my scanner.


Jack Crabb:
Those bands are UHF/VHF frequencies that will use the same antenna.  One lead, one antenna.

Here is an example of a multi-band mobile antenna:

I have no experience with this antenna, but wanted to give an example for you.  HTH

Zombie Axe:
The UHF/VHF antenna outputs are usually the same and I am sure that the 1.25M band uses the same as well... The mobiles that do HF have a seperate antenna connector on them. For example my Icom 706 MKIIG (70cm/2m/6m +HF 10-160M) has two total...

1.25 meter band is dead in my area, but that means us hams that have this band (which many radio manufacturers do not include) will have a band that many other hams don't have gear for... Last hamfest we used our 1.25M HT's to talk simplex on our Kenwood TH-F6A's... we had it to ourselves since most of the others were stuck on 2meters and 70cm...

Enjoy the radio :)

Right after I posted the question I found that very antenna at Gigaparts.  I was kind of hoping for something like an automatic switch so I can have one dedicated, tuned antenna for each band.  My mobile rig is my 4wd, and all my antennae must be extremely durable.

I just updated my info on the ULS.  I haven't changed my address since the place I lived before last. 

There's a quad band Yeasu here: that I really like.  Does 10 meter, 6 meter, 2 meter and 70 cm all in one radio.  I'll have to pick one of those up pretty soon.  Guess I'll need to get my General too ;)


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