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Cooter Brown:

Howdy folks,
I am a flight nurse.  Additionally I own a business with a product for the EMS industry.  I sell to about 9 different EMS suppliers.  It has been my experience that Southeastern Emergency Equipment has the best/cheapest prices for all things you would need to put together a medical bag including the bag itself.  Being in the medical industry, I already have a very extensive medical supply so I haven't been shopping around at all of the retailers who are catering to the prepping community.  However, being in business, I am pretty sure Southeastern Emergency Equipment will be cheaper on most if not all the items you may want.  I know for sure they are cheaper than AllMed as posted by another member on here.

The website is  I also talked to one of the sales reps, Laurie Fish and she agreed to let me share her contact information here.  Laurie is awesome and can answer any questions you may have.  You can tell her that Jarrett referred you that way she will have an idea about what you will be looking for.

Laurie's ph # is 817 3 zero zero 6603

Hope this is of some help to all,

Thx for the info, Helidodge.

Hello one of the things missing in my prep is medical? How serious of a kit should I get? sutures etc? where is a good source online or near 64083 zip?


--- Quote from: JHoot51 on February 15, 2012, 10:49:00 AM ---How serious of a kit should I get? sutures etc?

--- End quote ---

If you get a stethoscope, do you know how to use it or what to listen for?
If you get a blood pressure cuff, do you know how to use it and what the numbers mean?
If you get an Ambu bag, do you even know what one is?

At the very minimum I would start with getting or renewing your First Aid/CPR card and start from there. Maybe you would even like to get your first responders card after that (here that is a step below a EMT).

If you get a suture kit, can you mentally or physically put them into someone? If you are not used to putting them in often and are doing your first ones on  human, especially a loved one, it can be rather intimidating.



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