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Dan's Ammo is a small distributor focused on ammunition with some firearms and accessories.  I have ordered a ton of times from Dans, especially during the ammo crunch, his prices stayed reasonable.

His inventory fluctuates, and you should really only be checking him out if you need bulk ammo, it's not for a box of Remington high-end hunting ammo, but 1000 rounds of Fioachi .223.

Great shipping prices, fast shipping, never had a problem at all through several purchases.

An example of his prices is that I bought a case of MGS 124g 9mm from him at 10.95/box during the height of the ammo crunch.  Cheaperthandirt NOW lists the SAME ammo for $30/box.

I've had great experiences with Dan's Ammo.  I enjoy looking at some of the rare/unusual selections they have. 


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