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Went out an shot my new shot gun and got in some practice with the Glock 19 as well.

-- Jeremy

Patriot:Ex Machina:
I filled up a few more food grade buckets with beans, first by placing them in mylar bag linings, and gasing them with CO2 .
Sealed the bags, put the lids on the buckets and sealed them with some silicone, labeled and dated them.
Also bought some more canned food for the pantry.
Need to inventory some of my firearms related preps this evening.

so far today, I showed up for work in order to make a little money for current bills and just in case cash.
This past weekend, my preparations included rest, reading these posts for information and other ideas, as well as staying home watching old movies instead of blowing my bucks on beer, women and gas...
Not really a HUGE step in the SHTF direction, but more of a defensive action of holding on to what I have.

I've been doing more research into silver, and have been making stragetic investments as I am able to. Also looked into buying a shotgun.

Dj Keebz:

--- Quote from: susan1957 on September 21, 2008, 08:31:28 PM ---Expanded our garden area and planted turnip greens.  Read all the forums possible.  Our survival mode right now is to make it through the Dave Ramsey course so seeked out all the survival ways that would help our finances.  Example:  FTA TV. 
We also began our chicken coop for the new chickens we're getting next weekend.  (using gleaned scrap lumber from construction dumpsters and the dumpster at work. 

--- End quote ---
Good luck with getting debt free! Me and the wife are going through baby step two and our pounding out our debt. Its a very good feeling knowing that in about 10 months we will be debt free! Just remember, "Live like no one else now, so you can live like like no one else later" - Dave


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