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Building a wood shed to store and keep dry about 6 cord of firewood for the house.
This should have happened about......oh......25 years ago.  ::)

Harvesting walnuts every day lately...trying to dry them, but they still catch mold...we crack them and only dry the nuts themselves to save them. Same happened last year, they start to mold no matter what we did...we have them on metal screens in wooden frames, all open to airflow...anyone has advice? My cousin rinses walnuts with bleach, which I don't really want, but it really sucks discarding baskets of molten walnuts that we couldn't crack fast enough.

We do the same. Laying on screen wire outside for a while, then move them into the shop still on screen wire.

Made forms and poured concrete around the posts on the new woodshed.

Wife is prepping the last of the peppers for the dehydrator


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