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Uline Mud Master Mats


David in MN:
We've been struggling for years tracking in filth from sawdust from my woodshop to dirt from the garden to sand in the winter (my city uses sand not salt) to grass clippings to everything else. I got tired and bought some "Mud Master" mats from Uline.

Pretty they are not. But I put one in my split level entry and cut one down to fit the concrete step from the garage to the house. And they really work. It's been cold/windy/rainy/snowy/etc. and I've noticed a big reduction in tracked in grime. These mats really trap the dirt that you don't want in your house.

If you have a similar problem, give these a look. I hate vacuuming the stairs on my split level (which doesn't really work anyway) and these mats are saving me a ton of work.


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