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Mainstay canning flats

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No more for me. Had some trouble with the first box we used. Notice the wrinkles on the sides.
While the jars were still ho hot, and had not popped, I pushed the wrinkled sections down (not popping them) and waited till they popped.
I had 5 quarts do this, but yet they all ended up sealing (so far).

I noticed some bad reviews of these lids last year while on the hunt for good lid prices, but had already purchased these. I have left, probably 3 dozen lids, and 5 dozen lids with rings.
I will not be using anymore of them.

My old camera is getting tired. Closeups are not very good. Lens is scratched....etc

Frugal Upstate:
I use all ball flats for canning and save the mainstay ones for vacuum sealing-they seem to work fine for that with my food saver attachment. 

Hey I hadn't thought of using them for the food saver. Great idea!!

+1 coming your way!!!  ;D

Never even heard of mainstay. Tattler, Ball and Kerr is the norm here


I bought these from Azure Standard. Orchard Road. Very good lids, thick metal, thick rubber stuff on edge. I have used for pressure canning and water bath, and the price is fantastic, 24 boxes of 12 lids for $36 comes out to .... lets see.....$1.50 per box of 12, which is a .12ish each. They sell other places and have good reviews

The packs of ball lids at the hardware store are more than double this


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