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KEEN Men's Targhee II Waterproof Hiking



New shoes this weekend.  Another pair of Keen's.   Great shoes, very comfortable, no break in time needed for me.   I'm a size 11, and they fit just perfect.

For my everyday shoe, I like a waterproof hiker, low cut.   It's like a Jeep for my feet.   Not tall, like boots, but all the traction and waterproof goodness you want from a hiker, but like a tennis shoe too.

+1 Keen, you'll keep getting my business.

I have a similar pair (probably not the exact same model but similar).  I am a huge fan.

And they last too.   Had my last pair for 2+ years.    And they are still good, tread's a little warn.   I stunk them up on my fishing trip, not sure if i'll ever get that funk out of them :).   So they are retired to working shoes now, and I treated myself to a new pair. 


I've looked at getting a pair of steel toed ones for work. My work provides $75 towards a pair of steel toed shoes per year. I have been looking at several pairs and the Keen really stand out. I think I will try a pair in a couple months.


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