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Husky liners (for vehicles)


It's been a year to date that we bought our van and we still love it. One of the best purchases we made for it were quality rubber liners that go in the interior and protects the carpeting. Here's the product page from Amazon . There are several different companies that make a similar product but Husky happens to be the one we went for after researching. They are custom molded to specific vehicles to the fit really well.

I pulled the liners out a couple days ago to clean them and it was so simple. Hose them down, wipe off any tough spots from the kids, and put them back in. The carpeting underneath looked brand new still and there's a great piece of mind that if the kids spill a drink it's not going to ruin anything.

They are a bit pricey. If anyone wants to get a full set I suggest using to check the price history. I added all the pieces to my Amazon cart but waited to purchase them until the prices dropped, I saved about $100 over all four sets that way.


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