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SOG specialty knives


first, I am not a representative, nor a family member of a representative nor connected in anyway to SOG specialty knives.

In the framework of my service in the IDF reserves, I acquired more than 10 years ago a SOG powertool EOD v-cutter  multitool, and used it heavily, both within and outside of my military service, to the point of failure that came with a weird inversion of their "piano " locking device.

I sent them the multitool after contacting their customer service, explaining the damage and my readiness to pay for the repair of my beaten but trusted powerlock (they offer the single handed use of the plier and a relatively safe crimping of fuses)

I was more than surprised to receive less than 20 days later (I live in Israel, where the post office is still stuck in the old ways) in an unmarked package, a brand new SOG powerlock in the same disposition as I had customized my old one.

I am not only impressed by the quality of their multitools (even though the metal seems to be a bit on the low side, they are PRACTICAL) but by the level of their customer services.

I am a fan of SOG. I have more than a few tactical knives. Hatchets. Axes.  Multi use tactical shovel. They make a good quality product. 


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