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Hello everyone!

So remember a while back when Jack had Janet and Dr. Lewis on? It was a GREAT show, so I called them up and had some lab work done. I've got ulcerative colitis, and while I'm mostly controlled on pharmaceuticals, I hadn't been feeling great. Well, the lab work pointed right to the problem, so we went off and running on a supplement regimin. That was about 4/5 months ago, and we just re-did the lab work. My labs are WAY better. For instance, my cortisol was 37.7 (normal range is 2.3-19.4)...and now it is 10. 10! I'm way less edgy, and it makes life a lot easier.

My other big one was CRP - that's an inflammation marker, and for people with ulcerative colitis or other autoimmune issues, that's a biggie. It started at 7.84 and is now down to 3.41. Not normal, not yet (should be under 3, or really under 2), but it is the lowest it has been in a loooong time!

Of course, now the pharmaceutical is messing with my liver, so we need to address that, but at least now we know what to do! And that it works!

I can't recommend these guys enough. I'm all for big pharma when I really need it, but sometimes you just don't.

The bonus? Not only is Dr. Lewis just the easiest guy to talk to ever, as is his wife Janet, his staff is also AWESOME. Seriously. I'm so lucky to have heard that podcast months ago and to have listened to that little voice that said "try it, it can't hurt!"

Their website is - check them out!  :)

I just started this in the past week as well.  Not a whole lot wrong with me but I know I can improve.  I'll let you know how things turn out. I'm 29 and want stay ahead of things.  When talking to Dr. Lewis on the phone he went through my numbers, pointed out what was good and bad, what it could mean, and what supplements should help correct those numbers.  No sales pressure what so ever.

BTW the lab panel was 175.00 which I paid for with my HSA.  My sister who is going to school for nursing confirmed that doing a blood panel can help diagnose many things that may be wrong. Rather than doing the guess and check diagnosis'

*Related story*
Had other doctors done a blood panel on my mom right away, they would have found her Multiple Myloma cancer sooner.  Instead those doctors tried all sorts of other things first.  They diagnosed her with a sprained ankle, and prescribed pain killers and eventually steroids before they found what was actually wrong.

If anything, the blood panel is a good info to have.


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