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Just a word of warning or buyer beware....

I entered a contract with Energy Conservation Solutions (Charlotte, NC) and am beginning to regret it.

I was promised a 3k PV grid tie system installed well before years end along with some conservation items. That was Sept... Well Oct. and Nov. have passed and I seem to get only the run around and excuses. They were quick to take a draft on my money and start the interest clock ticking.

I have e-mail and talked to them on the phone and aired my concerns and the impression I get is that they are more focused on the money and not so much on the customer.  I get the "We've done many systems, we know what we're doing...blah, blah ,blah" standard response. I finally got a date Dec. 1, 2 and 3. Well guess what... The installer shows up to install radiant barrier in the attic. They left after 30 minutes saying they couldn't do the job.

So I guess that's enough detail to start to show you why I'm afraid I got took... There is more to the story of course but I'm not sure the fingers are up to it.

Any bets on if they show up tomorrow for the electrical and solar array, without any permits or talking to the power company as of close of business today?

Anyway, if you want a solar panel array shop around and do more homework than I did.....

I wish you the best--BUT.!!! I would be ready to persue  Recouping your funds.

You can check with the county to see if they've pulled permits for the job before they show up. If they step foot on your property to perform work without permits in hand, fire them and get your money back.

Hi again...

I have talked to the county and power company and no one has had any contact with them. No one showed up today and they did not call either.

I called the electrical (subcontractor) and he said they were scheduled for next week. I find it disheartening that the primary company did not call or inform me the schedule change.

I sent another ultimatum E-mail this time to the general mgr. of ECS. We'll see what happens.

Thanks for the support and help.

Help others ,and yourself by recounting your story to the Better Business Bureau


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