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In case anyone was searching for an axe and/or hatchet, I wanted to share that I have both the GB Wildlife Hatchet for backpacking, as well as the Small Forest Axe for general purpose use. 

Both of these tools exceed my expectations in every way (can't say enough good about these products).  The craftsmanship and quality of the tools produced by GB are hard to beat in my opinion, and these tools are a joy to own and use.

I will also buy a GB splitting maul when the time comes.

I have had the GB splitting axe for several years and find it to be a superior tool.  It is only three pounds and splits like a much heavier tool due to the blade angle and shape. 


For those interested - here is a video tour through the GB forge - love the craftsmanship and personality of this product and company:


--- Quote from: gpowers01 on November 09, 2014, 03:03:56 PM ---
I will also buy a GB splitting maul when the time comes.

--- End quote ---

Just to be complete, I changed my mind on the GB Splitting Maul.  I ended up buying a Husqvarna splitting maul instead.  I hold nothing at all against the GB maul - price/quality ratio was the deciding factor here.  I'm quite happy with the Husqvarna maul given the sub $100 price point vs the great performance and high quality of the tool. 

I broke down a few years ago and bought an expensive log splitter but it more than paid for itself. It one thing I definitely brought down to TX with me from WI when I moved. yes it takes gas but its fast and one tank of gas will run it for literally hours.  Could always split someone else wood for trade if needed.


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