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Pics? Directions?

sorry didn't take pics, but if you go to youtube and search for how to ceiling fan wind turbine you will find several good video series on how to make them work. muddymuddymudman makes a very in depth(allmost too much) series on how to do it.
There seem to be a few variations but the general idea is the same. I got a youtube downloader and got a few of them, watched all of them several times then adjusted their plans to fit my fan.

The only helpfull things I didn't find there: Use SHOEGOO instead of epoxy (this is also the USMC's secret weapon and can be found in the shoe dept of walmart), and I recommend buying the small 1/16th thick neodymium magnets 100 for about $10. They will allow you to get magnets very close to the stator and can make more than enough force to stop the blades from spinning if you use too many. Which means you can play with amount to get it right for your turbine. 

This project has been on my list for a while. Might just be time to get on it. I have also seen this done with treadmill motors as well as washing machine motors. Nice to se a fellow marine!


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