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At the end of April I added two oil lamps to my preps.

I filled them shortly after they arrived, set them on the shelf.   I noticed recently that one of them had lost some oil, only about half full now!   I pulled it down, looked at the puddle of oil pooled underneath it and scratched my head.   It is GLASS, I thought, how is it leaking without being completely broken?    It indeed had a crack and a slow leak.

I went online, opened up a customer support chat, gave the admin my order #.   She said they'd mail me a new one out right away!   Whoohoo, that was easy.....but not the best part.

She explained they do not want the broken one back at all....keep it, throw it away.   So now I will have a new lamp soon, and replacement parts...burner, wick, and globe, all to use if something else breaks on these.

These guys have great customer service.

I love Glenda at Lehmans..


Lehman's is awesome.

And yeah, save the parts you can on the broken one and you'll be half way to another lamp.

+1 I've had nothing but good luck so far from Lehman's.

A year or so ago, I was fortunate to get (2) oil lamps at the recycle center.some lady was getting rid of---Had Diesel fuel in them & needed the Mantle for it..called Lehman's ordered them & a new chimney now they both work. Lehman's is a great store ordered a few other things Only They sell.


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