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Never bought anything from them but I would not be worried.
Fedex has been hit by quite a few weather events lately. My guy even showed up Saturday at work. They were delivering Mondays packages to get ahead.
Initiated, means the label was printed and not scanned it yet. It "Could" have been picked up and not scanned. But the ground guys don't like to not scan a package because there pay is based on a # of stops, # of packages. But it does happen.

Today I got my last of the order. Tim and Chris took care of the issues.

I have placed two orders from them, and had to make calls on each to get them completed. First order they wouldn't ship due to bad product, but they never contacted me about the delay.
Second order was never packed by shipping dept twice. After two calls finally received.

On a side note, Tim says their system dumps payment info after 30 days, that's how my first order got lost.

fast service. :)
excellent quality on products.
2nd order just received.

Hellcat pack conversion kit still has not shipped after 11 days. I have not received any emails back and can not get through their phones for two days. I understand that companies can have issues but I should at least be able to get in touch with them.


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