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If she liked that look and feel, consider replacing it with a Kahr K9


--- Quote from: liftsboxes on February 11, 2013, 12:28:37 AM ---If she liked that look and feel, consider replacing it with a Kahr K9

--- End quote ---
we ended up getting her the Bursa thunder 9mm.   Its a very reliable handgun.  we've to date had 1k rounds through it and not a jam yet.  this bursa is very well built and is easy on the pocket book,  She chose it due to ergonomic reasons.   I guess it would be a good time to unload that turkey of a SCCY.   by the way. any body want to buy a 9mm pistol with three mags?   ;D

Mark Shadow:
I know that this is an old thread on the Sccy handgun.  However I just wanted to share my experience in case someone is researching handguns.

I purchased a Sccy CPX2 in February of this year (2015).  It has been reliable with a variety of ammunition to include self defense ammunition.  Not a tremendous number of rounds downrange, about 350.  I did not do any torture testing.  I cleaned the gun after I purchased it and I clean it after I shoot it. No wear issues, but of course 350 rds  is not a huge test.

The trigger is difficult, but not unmanageable.  For those with modest hand strength, it might be an issue.  Accuracy is good,not great, but completely adequate for self defense.  The sights are good as well (as opposed to some small handguns).

The Sccy CPX2 was on sale at my LGS for $199.00.  OTD it was about $211.00,  At that price point it is worth every penny.  I have seen  them on-line in the $220.00 range.  According to what I have read, Sccy has been improving QC, and has a very liberal warranty.  So far  I am pleased with the performance of this budget pistol.  Just wanted tp add $0.02 in case someone was out looking.



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