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One month ago my wife finally moved up to a 9 mm pistol.  She like a SKKY (sky) pistol made in Daytona  beach Fla.  She bought the cpx-1 black carbon steel in 9 mm.  It was very inexpensive, turnes out this purchase was cheap.  After one hundred rounds the breach in the barrel expanded and swelled.  We called SKKY and they said,  Oh yeah.  those black carbon barrels weren't suppose to get out.  They sent us a new barrel right away..  so far so good.    Except this gun is very fussy about which ammo it will fire.  It is notorious for light strikes. Even if we use winchester ammo. which it likes the best, it still has a 10 percent lite strike problem..   And now the rear sight will not stay tight.  And the metal guide rod is getting chewed up.  Badly dented up by the springs Upon other internet searches.  I found this to be a common problem.  I don't think I will trust my life to this pistol.  It seems to be far too unreliable to suit me.


A used Glock 19 for $350 will last you a lifetime. 

Sorry you're having a bad time with that gun. 

I would trade or sell that thing before it breaks. Sounds like a sloppy manufacturing process. When I worked in a gun shop we constantly turned away things like this. They are made for people that never shoot, and will run a few hundred rounds and then are just wore out.

We just got one.. Hoping we dont have the same issues.  If so, I'll definitely go with something else.

Cooter Brown:
Buy quality or buy quantity. I learned my lesson when I bought a Kel-Tec.


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