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Well this covers my 3 BOBS. I have a every day BOB that goes into the office with me. I have a 3 day BOB and the mother Load out Bag to carry it all.

#1 = SPEC OPS "THE PACK" This is my 3 day pack.
#2 = This is a medical blow out kit
#3 = Eagle Plate carrier
#4 = Medical blow out kit
#5 = My every day carry bag with essential gear.  Camelbak MULE
#6 = SNUGPAK Sleeper Lite. Very good compact sleeping bag. I highly recommend.

The bag at the bottom is a Eagle Sigma M4. This hold a ton of shit and is built very well.

Sigma loaded with all the gear above.

Here is the M4 padded case that fits on the side.

Bag closed up with all gear pictured above with M4 loaded in the side pouch as well.

And a final shot with my 10/22 for size comparison.

Tactical Badger:

I'll try and write up the contents when I get some time.

James Yeager:
This is my new long range bug-out bag. It is a Kifaru Zulu Extreme.

I took it on a trial run today. It weighs 50 pounds here as we hiked three very hilly miles.

This is my GHB, my GOOD bag is packed and in my jeep ready for service, but is mainly more serious foodstuffs, clothing, sheltering etc.  My GHB goes where I go.  It is as unassuming as I could get and I keep it hidden well when it and I are not in direct contact (church, work) but I try to ensure that it is always within 200 or so feet of me.  OF course if my bag and I are separated, my 26 still goes with me.

From top left:

first row
small change of clothing
small leatherman and below it is a stun gun
hardened steel prybar
various toiletries
bandages, small towels, bandanas

second row
additional medical accessories
flashlight/weather radio
50' cord
laser for signaling
decent sum of cash
some silver
toilet paper
candies etc for quick energy
3 bags of energy bars/granola bars

third row
my glock 26
light weight rain coat
heavier rain coat
fire starting stuff

Survivor Kid 909:
Here is my daybag/ 72 hour kit, I have added and removed a couple things, and am going to put it into a different pack soon. 

Here is my bedroll, ground cover, wool blanket, and a fleece blanket.

Eddie Bauer pack that I got at Goodwill for 2.38, seems to work very well.

Here is my inner survival kit, this all fits inside my fannie pack that goes into my daypack.
Contents are
-2 Heet Sheets
-1 Tinder Container
-1 Pill container, motrin, Vitamin C, alergy pills, nausia pills
-1 Small Fishing Kit
-50' Paracord
-Mora Knife
-Small SAK
-Tin Foil
-Small SAK
-2 Tea Lights
-Mag Glass
-Pencil Sharpener
-Water Pure Pills
-Zip Ties
-Mag Stick
-Ranger Bands
-Small Light
-Dental Floss
-Small card set
-2 Trashbags

Here is the other contents from the pack
-Spare socks
-Cup with a little rope, and 2 plastic baggies
-Bug Spray
-Folding Saw
-Glow Stick
-Flash light
-Orange Tape
-Trash Bags
-Fire Kit
-Tooth Brush and Mouth Wash
-Ramen, hot chocolate, muffin mix, and oatmeal mix.
-GI Poncho


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