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A .22 and a few non-zombie squirrels and you would be OK.


--- Quote from: Greekman on April 05, 2016, 04:05:00 PM ---Endurance, judging by your hiking experience.....
Supposing the one has 5000 calories in his backpack and rations them for 3 days.
Then the "bugout run" becomes a 5 day one.
At what point would he see significantly diminished performance? (say resting more time than being active)

--- End quote ---
First off, it actually takes several days for a calorie deficit to hit you in most cases. When I've been normally active and started a hike, my appetite doesn't actually increase very much until day 4-5. While my normal metabolism is about 2100 calories a day, if I'm hiking hard, for the first three days I might only crave 2500-3000 calories despite burning 4500 calories a day. Then it ramps up to catch up for a week or two. My distance friends, the guys I know who do the pacific crest trail and other silliness beyond my realm, say that after two weeks you become insatiable. That's when a hiker will come off the trail after a week of eating 4500 calories a day and consume a whole 18" pizza and two half pound cheeseburgers in a single sitting with a chocolate milkshake to wash it down. It takes several weeks to tame that beast even after the hiking is done...

I think the body does a pretty good job managing a fat reserve for the short term and doesn't mind dipping into it as needed, but at some point it says enough is enough and fights back to rebuild its margin for error/safety factor. But if you have some calories going in, I think that can get pushed down the road quite a way. The exceptions is dealing with cold. That's a place your body is going to be craving calories from the start and a deficit can lead to hypothermia.

Everyone STOP posting photos !
: ) lol

A lot of great info here
I could Never show EVERYTHING in my bob 
Cause' the local bacon boys would steal it.

N8TV Whisker Biscuit:
Good to see all the different BOB's to compare to.

thanks for all the ideas


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