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Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« on: December 10, 2008, 04:39:53 AM »
I'm hoping some of you already have a BOB prepared.  

For those of you who do, I'd like you to post pictures of your bag & a rundown of it's contents.  I'm doing this with the hope that others will get motivated to build their own BOB.  For those of you who don't already have one, you might want to consider putting together some type of 72 hour emergency kit.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, it just needs to be the basics to get you from point A to B if you need to evacuate.

Pics & contents in this thread only please folks.  

Go to the following link for discussion please.
What Do You Keep in Your BOB & why?
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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2008, 09:07:58 AM »
Cold weather is a fact of life here for 5 to 6 months a year.

Cold Weather B.O.B.

We've got about 1' of snow and have had temperatures down to -20 Celcius (-4 Fahrenheit), and it's mid-November. Gear in your BOB has to be a little different. Note; not all items I carry everyday are listed. Also, some 'sensitive ' items are not shown, given that I am in Canada  >:(

Clothing- mukluks may be substituted for leather boots.
- Layers of clothing. Polypro, fleece, goretex and thinsulate. Toque (watchcap) is a must. Avoid overheating, it is easy to dehydrate in the cold. All of my clothing is my old issued uniform, (I'm recently retired) but there are so many other military guys running around that it wouldn't raise any alarms.

Water- I only keep the Nalgene full, as all my water containers will freeze. I can chip ice out of the wide-mouthed nalgene bottle. The remainder will be partialy filled at the time of need. Partialy filling the water bottles allows the water to keep moving, avoiding freezing. 2 Litre has strap and case to be worn next to the body. A frozen meal can also be thawn/ brought to body temperature by slipping it in the canteen case between the warmed water and the body.

Radios- two radios, as they tend to suck in the cold. Experience tells me to carry more than one.

Batteries- Lithium tends to work better in the cold. Like radios, strobe, gps, etc, they get carried close to the body to keep warm.

Photomap- note seasonal changes. Secluded routes become less so once the leaves drop.

High energy snacks- Lots.

IFAK- (Immediate First Aid Kit) I.V. bags need to be kept warm, so inside parka they go.

Anyhow, here is my list.

1 Underwear- polypro shorts, long bottoms and long sleeved top
2 Polyfleece top and bottom.
3 Cargo pants.
4 Parka and snowpants- Goretex and thinsulate.
5 Polypro necker. A tube that can be used like a scarf and facemask.
6 Fleece toque. (watchcap)
7 Socks- Woolo/polypr blend outer, polypro inner.
8 Goretex & thinsulate boots, vibram sole.
9 Flight gloves, Goretex&thinsulate 3-finger mitts.
10 1 litre canteen with tin cup, windshield andd puritabs.
11 2 Litre flexible canteen with bag, slung under parka to thaw water.
12 Puristraw water purifier.
13 1 litre nalgene bottle. Wide mouth allows me to chip ice out to thaw.
14 2 x frs radios with earpieces, lithium batteries. “2 is 1, 1 is none.” (edit- newer GMRS replaced these, working on HAM license.)
15 Spare batteries
16 Strobe with spare lithium battery.
17 Flourescent orange personal panel.
18 3 x glowsticks. Carried inside parka to keep warm.
19 Compass with case.
20 GPS with spare lithium batteries.
21 Photomap with RVs, routes, hazards, etc, marked.
22 MRE with spare heater.
23 High energy snacks & Medicines.. Powergels, fruit bars, energy bars.
24 Folding stove with heat tablets.
25 Toilet paper.
26 Lighter with guntape and paracord tie-off.
27 Simple, strong knife, with tie-off and copper wire.
28 Saw
29 50’ paracord.
30 2 zapstraps.
31 Lists-contacts, numbers, pers info, critical documents with photocopies.
32 1G zip drive, extensive pers info and critical documents.
33 Safety pins
34 Waist strap for rucksack.
35 Attachment straps x 2.
36 (Not shown) Reflective patches- IR, visible light and “Ranger Eye”
37 Trauma management kit. Separate waist bag. (Old camera bag.)
38 4 x bungee cords, for poncho.
39 Army poncho.
40 Mini leatherman.
41 Cash; bills and coins, pre-paid calling cards. (Silver added)
42 B.O.B.- Issued NBC bag (was issued for Nuke suit) modified with extra pockets, straps, etc.

Not shown- Skis, boots, poles. Sled with harness and more 72 hour gear (tent, stove, sleep bag, ice block, axe, etc.) in car.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2008, 10:14:55 AM »

or so: no the pad is not attached it is just resting:

Now my GHB/EDC:


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2008, 10:19:33 AM »
I was going to post a picture of the wife, but until this bruise above my eye heals........

Actually, I've got 2


I got a good deal years ago, and bought one.  Their quality suprised me so much I bought a second one.  Very heavy duty, the BOB actually has mag pockets inside it.  It's held my 3 day get home kit since 2006 when I bought it.  The Awol bag has a neat smaller pack that clips on the back, just in case you need to drop most and take some. They ain't cheap, but quality American made stuff usually isn't.

Oh, and a lifetime warranty is a nice kicker as well.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2008, 05:21:21 PM »
Thought I'd share some of my GHB, Escape & Evasion, and "Stranded Bag". My primary focus is a bag that will get me back home or help me survive a situation where I may be stranded for a few days.

This bag is no where near complete and is a little heavier than I'd like but not bad for what all is in there. Weighs in under 30lbs which is no sweat for me to hump as I regularly hump a 40lb bag on some of my excusions. I still need to give it a shakedown cruise!

Some things I omitted for OPSEC reasons...

I work primarly outside and at work I keep in a patrol bag alot of work related clothing including cold weather gear. Should I need to get back home I will rob the items I need from my other bags (mainly clothing) and get back. First I have to get back to where I will keep this bag from wherever my work truck  is, then a short hike to a private storage building I maintain in the town I work in, and then hopefully ride a bike back home (WX permitting). All this is from the scenario that my vehicle does'nt work and I can't get a ride home for whatever reason. Walking is the worst case scenario so my bag revolves around it. Riding the bike home is next to the worst, and driving home is definately plan 'A':D However, hope for the best, plan for the worst!

What I am referring to as a "Stranded Bag" is sometimes I have been snowed away from home and I have to set up house wherever.  It is rare it has happened, but it has often enough to be annoying. Also, my work truck SUCKS in the snow, and I have been up in the mountains and stuck before. One of these days if I get stuck and can't get out I can camp out until help arrives. This bag will stay in my personal vehicle unless the WX conditions warrant it as I have enough stuff in my work truck to make it through 'standard emergencies'.

Most of my 'messy items', like tootpaste, bug spray, sunburn lotion, etc and things I want to keep dry like, Toliet Paper, extra clothing, etc. is vacum packed with a Food Saver Vacu-sealer. I hate it when things leak in my bag and get it over my other gear. I also don't like the thought of WET TP!!! So it does make items a little bulkier, but it gives ME piece of mind!

So without further ado, my BAG :eek:

Spec Ops T.H.E Pack treated with Camp Dry with 2 M-16 Mag pouches for additional capacity.

Contents list:

T.H.E. Pack

one technician screwdriver
one versa driver pocket tool
one you dig it mini shovel
one Gerber LMF2 knife
one cold steel voyager lock back serrated blade knife
one knife sharpener
one small diamond stone
one Gerber saw
one multipurpose saw (uses reciprocating saw blades one for wood and one for

Kenwood THF6A radio
seven LED keychain lights
one Energizer LED headlamp
six AAA batteries for headlamp
one CR123A battery holder that holds four batteries for EDC flashlight
8X21 monocular
one pair Bushnell binoculars
signal mirror
three Arial flares
one bright orange rainfly (also double as signal marker)
para cord
two rolls mason twine high visibility
2 oz WD-40 spray can
one small tube superglue
one whistle

Medical Hygiene
Adventure Medical Kit
Adventure Medical Kit blister kit
Adventure Medical Kit pocket medic
Added: Tubes of Advil, Benedryl, Tums fast packs, I got extra so I can 'graze' from the meds when I get a headache or whatnot...
One EMT shear
one purell hand sanitizer
One mole foam
insect repellant wipes
sawyer sun block
one small bar of soap
one small bottle shampoo
one small toothpaste/toothbrush
one floss
two chaptstick
twelve eyeglass cleaners (also can double as fire starter)
one 40 wipe container antibacterial wipes
one roll tp vacuum packed
ear plugs

sewing kit
one snug pack poncho designed to fit over backpacks
one 9'x12' 3 mill thick drop cloth for improvised shelter
one disposable emergency poncho
one survival blanket
one change of clothes
Tilley hat
one pair mechanics gloves

one butane lighter
one peanut lighter
three small boxes of matches
one match safe of strike anywhere matches
one Kershaw fire steel
one magnesium fire starter
water proof fire sticks for fire making
magnifying glass

Water purification/gathering
one MSR EX water filter
two platypus bags
various sized aloksak bags food grade to gather and store water and protect
items that need waterproofing
sponge to gather dew in arid environments
hydration system not shown
coffee filters to help remove sediment

one Optimums nova + multifuel stove
one bottle 250 ml fuel for stove good for 2 1/2 hours cooking
one MSR cook set
P38 can opener
six power bars high protein
one package homemade beef jerky
three Mountain House meals (for tasty meals when I can 'cook water')
three MRE's (for eating on the run)
seven tasters choice packets of instant coffee (dollar store special)
4 bags of Lipton Soup Mix (makes 4 cups, but I think it tastes better with 3 cups)
1.5 water bottle
Nagalene Water bottle with metal 'canteen cup'

one silva compass
maps of local area
GPS V in work bag easily switched to carry bag

Also added but not shown:

2 'airplane sized' bottles of Vodka for antiseptic,mouthwash,sleep aid, pain killer, etc.
1 space pen, pencil and pad of 'write in the rain' tablet
1 pencil sharpener to make nice tinder out of small sticks/twigs... and to sharpnen the pencil ;)
2 large contractor trash bags
1 2mil thick 9'x12' plastic sheet (drop cloth) to improvise shelter, solar still, etc.
1 small highly absorbent camp towel (fast drying)

Also carried on person:
Leatherman Tool
Blackhawk Gladius LED light
Kershaw Onion folder
Survival Bracelet (
Zippo and peanut lighter (don't smoke but am a pyro!!!)

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #5 on: December 23, 2008, 05:24:36 PM »
Well this covers my 3 BOBS. I have a every day BOB that goes into the office with me. I have a 3 day BOB and the mother Load out Bag to carry it all.

#1 = SPEC OPS "THE PACK" This is my 3 day pack.
#2 = This is a medical blow out kit
#3 = Eagle Plate carrier
#4 = Medical blow out kit
#5 = My every day carry bag with essential gear.  Camelbak MULE
#6 = SNUGPAK Sleeper Lite. Very good compact sleeping bag. I highly recommend.

The bag at the bottom is a Eagle Sigma M4. This hold a ton of shit and is built very well.

Sigma loaded with all the gear above.

Here is the M4 padded case that fits on the side.

Bag closed up with all gear pictured above with M4 loaded in the side pouch as well.

And a final shot with my 10/22 for size comparison.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #6 on: December 28, 2008, 01:43:03 PM »

I'll try and write up the contents when I get some time.
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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #7 on: December 31, 2008, 07:38:33 PM »
This is my new long range bug-out bag. It is a Kifaru Zulu Extreme.

I took it on a trial run today. It weighs 50 pounds here as we hiked three very hilly miles.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #8 on: January 01, 2009, 04:37:16 PM »
This is my GHB, my GOOD bag is packed and in my jeep ready for service, but is mainly more serious foodstuffs, clothing, sheltering etc.  My GHB goes where I go.  It is as unassuming as I could get and I keep it hidden well when it and I are not in direct contact (church, work) but I try to ensure that it is always within 200 or so feet of me.  OF course if my bag and I are separated, my 26 still goes with me.

From top left:

first row
small change of clothing
small leatherman and below it is a stun gun
hardened steel prybar
various toiletries
bandages, small towels, bandanas

second row
additional medical accessories
flashlight/weather radio
50' cord
laser for signaling
decent sum of cash
some silver
toilet paper
candies etc for quick energy
3 bags of energy bars/granola bars

third row
my glock 26
light weight rain coat
heavier rain coat
fire starting stuff

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #9 on: January 28, 2009, 06:00:38 AM »
Here is my daybag/ 72 hour kit, I have added and removed a couple things, and am going to put it into a different pack soon. 

Here is my bedroll, ground cover, wool blanket, and a fleece blanket.

Eddie Bauer pack that I got at Goodwill for 2.38, seems to work very well.

Here is my inner survival kit, this all fits inside my fannie pack that goes into my daypack.
Contents are
-2 Heet Sheets
-1 Tinder Container
-1 Pill container, motrin, Vitamin C, alergy pills, nausia pills
-1 Small Fishing Kit
-50' Paracord
-Mora Knife
-Small SAK
-Tin Foil
-Small SAK
-2 Tea Lights
-Mag Glass
-Pencil Sharpener
-Water Pure Pills
-Zip Ties
-Mag Stick
-Ranger Bands
-Small Light
-Dental Floss
-Small card set
-2 Trashbags

Here is the other contents from the pack
-Spare socks
-Cup with a little rope, and 2 plastic baggies
-Bug Spray
-Folding Saw
-Glow Stick
-Flash light
-Orange Tape
-Trash Bags
-Fire Kit
-Tooth Brush and Mouth Wash
-Ramen, hot chocolate, muffin mix, and oatmeal mix.
-GI Poncho

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #10 on: February 23, 2009, 07:07:54 PM »
This is my 12 year old nieces bag!

This is mine!  I have a long way to go, until I feel it is ready but again little steps.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #11 on: February 25, 2009, 10:48:18 PM »
First: Dunlop, I have that same pack (I have the US-Made version) in MOLLE Compatability, for my main BOB, its a great mid-range bag with MOLLE, but i'd only say basic without MOLLE. Is that the one from Tru-Spec?

Secondly, here are my BOB's first 2 pictures, some contents of my Bio./Chem. bag. I do not know the date on the filter but have tested the other filter against tear gas, it'll block out sulphur, and its rated as a NBC canister anyway, besides, its better then nothing. Finally is the vehicle evaq. box with food, some triage items (Im part of a CERT Team) and ect gear. My BoB does not currently have most of my sheltering gear in it other than a 8x10 tarp and about ten 3-mil 70gal contractor bags. Contents that I wish to release are listed below each picture. What do you think for my first BoB/Evaq stuff. Started "Survivalism" as one of my New Yr. Resoulutions (I have been an avid outdoorsman though so it's just prepping mostly for me).  May post contents at later date, or request if you are curious about anything. EOTW/SHTF that American Flag could possibly be a bad idea and I recognize that. I also have a packcover so it's not super obvious what Im carrying.

Paintball Pods/Holders are good for a lot of things, lightsticks in this case.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #12 on: April 19, 2009, 06:27:41 PM »
Here are some pics of my get home back or everyday carry items.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2009, 08:07:03 AM »
SGTB, how do you like that maxpedition versipack?  I just ordered one for my EDC/GHB.  I have read some great reviews so I hope I like the side carry.

Here is my ditch bag,  It's a little light on some items as we also have a separate cold weather bag and a BOV.

I get a little heavy on the food side but with my wife, it would make things easier. She has a paired down bag with just essentials, no stove, no fuel, no tinder/fire starter, no snares, small MREs just for her...

My list:

MSR Dragonfly multi fuel stove in pot
Full fuel bottle
stove repair kit
Water purifier
Matches (in waterproof container)
Brunton Helios lighter
First-aid kit (basic)
Safety blanket x2
Petzl Tikka XP head lamp
Para Cord 50'
Candle x3 with holder
Rope saw
folding saw
Fire starter
Fishing line and hooks
snares x2
Sewing kit
LED shake flashlight
Bivy sack with liner in dry bag
Hard candy
Leatherman Wave multi tool
Duct tape
Electrical tape
Dry food rations x4
Power bars x2
Copies of documents
Brunton Compass
Electrolyte drinks x 10
Wool socks in dry bag
Note pad/pencils/pens
pack towel
Rain poncho
Safety glasses
surveyers marking tape
nalgene bottles x2
MSR 3L hydration pack

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #14 on: April 27, 2009, 09:41:47 PM »
I am hoping it will be ok for short walks and taking to the range ect

Here is my wifes GHB/SAR bag.  Just the basics with lots of room for more is needed.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2009, 12:07:06 AM »
Okay, so I combined an earlier post in another thread with the photos for this one.

Before I go into an extremely lengthy discourse, I do want to make a few caveats and explanations.

I never have liked the term "Bug-Out Bag."  It presupposes that such an assortment of equipment and supplies will only be used during an evacuation.

A long time ago, I coined the term "Personal Emergency Resource Kit (or PERK)."  Why?  Because I wholeheartedly believe that this small kit is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT assembly of stuff anyone interested in preparedness should put together.

The motivation behind a PERK is not as a collection of stuff to run away, but to survive under any situation.   It is arranged in such a matter as to be able to move it from where you are to where you want to go, if that move results in a greater chance of survival.  You do not have to be a subscriber to the "run away" mindset to take advantage of a PERK.  It is the most basic assembly of survival items you should ever have.  Each and every member of a family should have one of these kits.  From the youngest to the oldest, a PERK should be assembled and ready to go. . .or stay.  All of the items contained in a PERK can be used if you stay at home, are forced to leave by car, or can be carried on foot.

Now, a PERK has certain requirements:

A PERK must provide you with total support of all your needs for 24 hours, while giving you the tools and equipment to provide for yourself almost indefinitely (this is not a WELFARE kit, you are expected to contribute time and effort to your own support).

Personally, my own requirements are as such :

First, a PERK must provide you with 24 hours' supply of water, while providing you with AT LEAST 2 weeks' worth of the ability to procure and filter potable water.

Second,  a PERK must provide you with a MINIMUM of 1 week's worth of food and provide you with the ability to obtain and prepare food indefinitely.

Third, a PERK must provide you with minimal shelter, suitable for your average foreseeable weather conditions and provide you with the tools to make more durable, or even semi-permanent/permanent shelter.

Finally, the entire package must be man- (or woman-) portable under the worst conditions.  If I can take my truck, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will. But, if I am forced to leave my home, then my PERK will be taken with me.

Now, on to the contents:

Basic Spring through Fall Personal Emergency Resource Kit

Water :

1-gallon water in containers seperate from PERK for easy rotation
2 or 3 durable water containers (canteens, water bladders) for use in rough conditions
6 bottles Polar Pur Iodine tablets
1 Mechanical water filter w/ spare filter


6 MRE's, removed from their packaging and put into Slide-Lock bags. This should cover me for 3 days.
1- 1qt Nalgene container with Minute Rice
1 - 1qt Nalgene container with Acine di Pepe Pasta
1 - 1qt Nalgene container with Idaho REAL Mashed Potatoes (this exact brand name)
1 - bag or bottle with various flavorings (Beef, vegetable, pork or chicken bouillion.  various dried soups, etc.).

Cooking Utensils :
1 - Stainless steel cup or military canteen cup (camper's pot will suffice)
1 - Stainless spoon
1 - Stainless fork
1 - Small cleaning kit (Brillo pad, small sponge, tiny bottle of dishsoap)
1 - Esbit Stove or "Tommy Cooker" with spare solid fuel tabs/blocks

Shelter :
1 - Heavy Duty Space Blanket (not the flimsy one)
1 - Ecotat Survival Shelter
4 - Tent pegs appropriate for your environment (spikes if good, or rocky soil, stakes or "flats" if sandy)
4 - 18-24" Bungee cords
1 - Hammock
1 - Bivy Sack w/ Thinsulate Poncho Liner

Clothing :
(Note : 1 set should be inside PERK, 2nd should be in small bag outside PERK)
2 - Complete sets of DURABLE clothing appropriate for climate.
    * Each set consists of :
      1- Pair Pants
      1- Long Sleeve Shirt
      1- T-shirt
      1- Pr. Sliding shorts
      4- Pr. Socks
      1- Pr. Quality Leather Gloves
      1- Hat
      1- Pr. Inexpensive, UV-tinted Safety Glasses

Hygiene :
1 - Hand-sized towel
1 - Washcloth
2 - Bars, Unscented soap (Do NOT use scented)
1 - Bar, shaving soap
1 - Razor with additional heads
1 - "Unbreakable" mirror
1 - Toothbrush
1 - Tube, Toothpaste
1 - Microfiber towel (buy a Sham-Wow and make Finch happy)
1 - Roll, Floss
1 - Pr. Tweezers

Tools :

1 - Cold Steel "Spetsnaz" shovel
1 - Busse Steelheart sheath knife with Sheath & Sharpening Stone
1 - Leatherman Wave Tool
1 - Gransfors Bruks Small forest axe (19" hickory handle, 3 1/4" face and 1 1/2 lb head)

First Aid Kit
2 - Triangular Bandages
1 - Box Assorted Bandaids (Preferably waterproof and flexible)
8 - 4" x 4" Gauze Pads
1 - Magnifying Glass (A plastic Fresnel Lens is perfect)
10 - Safety Pins
1 - Roll of Moleskin
1 - Bottle Tylenol (50 count)
1 - Bottle Multi-Vitamins (50 Count)
1 - Thermometer
2 - 2" x 6' Ace Bandages
2 - Rolls, Surgical Tape
8 -  Sutures, General Purpose
1 - Tube, Triple Antibiotic cream
1 - Bottle, Pepto-Bismol Tablets
1 - SAM Splint
1 - Lip Balm
3 - Pr, Latex Gloves
1 - Pr. EMT Shears
10 - Butterfly Closures
5 - Ammonia Inhalants
10 - Sudafed (or equivalent)
10 - Cough Suppressant
10 - Tablets, Anti-Diarrheal
10 - Tablets, Laxative

1 - MiniMag Flashlight (If you can find a red lens cover, get it)
100' - 550 cord
1 - Gerber StrikeForce fire starter
100 - Waterproof matches
1 - 8-hour candle
1 - Set of maps of your area (Go to camping store and buy MapSaf to waterproof them (or use Thompsons Water Seal))
1 - Luminous dial Military Compass
1 - Sewing Kit, (spare buttons, heavy duty needles and thread, patching material)
1 - Fishing Kit in 35mm film cannister (monofilament line, hooks, small sinkers, flies, spoons/spinners)
1 - Tube Sunblock
2 - Bottles Bug repellent (use only manual pump-type, not pressurized)
1 - Wallet with extra Identification
5 - Large Trash bags, Industrial-grade (the heaviest-duty you can find).
2 - Rolls, Quarters
$100 in cash, small bills preferred.

All of this goes into an appropriately-sized backpack.  Preferably, this is an internal-framed pack, especially in Winter.  The internal frame pack allows you to rest the kit comfortably on your back, keeping both hands free.  It pulls the equipment close to your back and reduces the possibility of the load shifting while you are moving around . . .perhaps while attempting to negotiate dangerous rubble.  Currently, I'm experimenting with a frameless pack for the Spring through Fall kit.

Finally, you should sit down and make up a small notebook with all the names, addresses and telephone numbers (home, work, cellphone, fax, etc.) of everyone you know both in, and out of, your area.  You should include EVERYONE, including your bank manager, insurance agent, the toll-free number for your water, electricity, phone, and all other services.  One thing you can do is enter this into your favorite Word Processing program and print it out on that Waterproof outdoor paper, punch holes in it and put it in a small binder. Remember to get them notarized, especially important papers and identity documentation and put in a rugged, waterproof pouch.

I do have two arrangements for a PERK.  Each is dedicated to a particular season.  I only use all this gear when I refit for Cold Weather and I put this into an original Lowe-Alpine CFP-90 pack.  During the warmer months, I remove the C/W gear and put it into one of the larger "3-day"  packs, like you see above.

Additionally, I have one full set of clothing (underwear, T-shirt, socks, pants, shirt, hat, gloves and boots) in a small duffel bag which sits next to the PERK at home. I also have one of these for myself, my wife and kid in each vehicle with our smaller Get-home kits.

This is because I may not be in an "acceptable" set of clothes when disaster strikes, and may not have the time to immediately change clothes.  For all I know, I might be in the shower when the train carrying toxic chemicals goes off the tracks and I may have to evacuate my soapy self while trying to outrun the deadly chemical cloud wafting down my street.  I can attach the small duffel bag to the pack and throw the ruck on my back and run down the street (or get in my truck) stark nekkid.

However, this gives me a kit that I can use anywhere, under practically any circumstance and covers the basics of what it takes to survive.  With this kit, I can survive 24 hours without any support,

Just some thoughts, hope they help.


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #16 on: July 04, 2009, 11:16:11 PM »

This is the bag I keep behind the seat of the truck. I'm not in the same place from day to day, so I need to be flexible in a SHTF scenario. Some items change with the seasons, but the core pretty much remains the same.
Map & Compass
First Aid Kit
Water Bottle
Iodine 2%
Esbit Stove w/ fuel tabs
Emergency Blanket
50' para cord
Waterproof Matches
Magnesium Firestarter
Shortwave Radio (Wind-up)
Flashlight w/ extra batts & bulb
Leather Gloves w/ wool liners
Bug Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Ka-bar Knife
Tin Foil
Duct Tape
Wool Hat
Stainless Steel Cup
Extra Clothes esp Socks
Non Perishible Food

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #17 on: July 28, 2009, 09:47:50 PM »
Here's the closest picture to my current set up.  My BOB is constantly evolving (improving I hope).  A couple disclaimers:

1. I don't carry my sword or shotgun with my BOB, they mostly stay secured, but I included them as something that should be near-enough if needed.  Sidearms are on my body at all times (w/ CWP).
2. At the time of the picture, I didn't have my water or food (a few MREs) laid out, even though they are now inside the bag itself.
3. Also not pictured is: 100ft 550 cord, 5 piece mess kit, canteen w/ canteen cup, change of clothing and probably a few other things I can't recall right now.
4. I've since removed the following as they were deemed unnecessary: rubber mallet, SWD goggles, and probably a few other things.
5. This means I don't currently have it but will soon (within the week)

Here's my checklist: (in no particular order)

Updated requirements as of 7/4/09

Food and water
 Iodine tablets
 Collapsible (empty) water bags or containers
 Ready-to-eat meals (MRE), or high-energy foods such as chocolate or emergency food bars.
 Water filter
 Metal container to boil water
 Mess kit
 Fishing line, fish hooks, lures, and split shot leads
 Snare wire

 Hot weather clothing (1ea. shorts, shirt, socks, underwear)
 Cold weather clothing (1ea. pants, long-sleeve shirt, socks, underwear)
 Wet weather gear (other than emergency poncho)
 4 extra pairs socks, underwear
 Wide brimmed hat
 Gloves (heavy duty)
 G-Shock solar powered watch

Shelter / Warmth
 Sleeping bag
 Reflective aluminum Space blanket to retain body heat
 Lightweight emergency poncho for protection against rain
 Mosquito net
 Magnifying glass, magnesium, or tinder for fire-starting
 Magnesium Flint and Saw Striker
 Waterproof matches or lighter
 Dark-colored shoe polish (black)
 Cable saw for cutting wood (either for constructing a shelter or for a fire)
Health and First Aid
 Hand sanitizer
 Basic hygiene gear (soap, toilet paper, travel toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving kit, etc...)
 First aid kit with bandages, sterile pads and gauze, first aid tape, tweezers, surgical razor, disinfectant pads, oxytetracycline tablets (for diarrhea or infection) and aspirin
 Insect repellent
 Lip balm

Communications / Signaling
 Flares (Three fires in a triangle is the international distress signal)
 Cell phone w/ backup (different carrier)
 Crank-style emergency weather radio (w/ LED lights)

Multipurpose / Miscellaneous
  Hatchet with sheath
  Recon wrap
 Assorted bungee cords
 Leatherman style multi tool
 Sharpening stone
 Folding saw or cable saw
 Heavy-duty thread and needle
 Plastic bags / trash bags
 Heavy-duty aluminum foil
 100ft "550" parachute cord
 Reflective belt
 "D" clip
 Pace counter
 Duct tape (or 50mph tape) off roll on items such as flashlight

Self-defense / Protection / Hunting
  Handgun w/ 100 rounds additional ammunition and field cleaning kit
  Rifle or shotgun w/ 100 rounds additional ammunition and field cleaning kit
  Knife or other blade (K-Bar) w/ sharpening stone
  Less-than-lethal weapon (i.e. pepper spray, stun gun, etc…)

 I'm not posting these details

Important Documents / Emergency Plan
 Photo copies of important documents (passport, ID, etc.)
 Written emergency plan (SOP, bug out locations, maps, rally points, SPINS)
 Dog tags

Signaling, navigation and reference
 Candles, Torch (flashlight), or glow sticks
 Surveyor's orange tape (for marking location for rescuers)
 Pen and paper (for leaving notes to rescuers about direction of travel)
 Whistle, Signal Mirror, and/or smoke or illumination flares for signaling
 Compass, GPS navigation equipment
 Maps of the region
 Survival manual


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #18 on: August 13, 2009, 04:13:39 AM »
I don't plan on Bugging Out, but Bugging In.  However, the liklihood of being away from home and needing to get back is a scenario I look at.  I believe in Car Kits or Get Home Kits.  Here is what I built:

Vtac 24 Hour Rush pack. By far the best pack I have ever had my hands on. Wish I could get rid of the others and put the $$$ into a few more of thes. The attached pouches are a TAG Pouch (left) and a Vtac water bottle pouch. Each holds at least two water bottles, I can jam a third in one. One also has a couple of water pouches. Two red glow sticks in the MOLLE.

Side pic. I have two carabiners attached, one to each side. These are to hold more gear from the trunk if I have to ditch the car, including a large medical bag.

There are more interior pockets/storage areas then I know what to do with. A set of some superdurable plastic utensils I got at Sportsman's Warehouse. I've seen them in every camping store I've been to. A Gerber boot knife I bought in the 80's. Some gum, two more glowsticks, several candles and some matches.

Another view of the outer pocket. A roll of electrical tape, a small "leatherman", another folder knife, some straps and paracord. Again, more room then I know what to do with. It's great!

Two external pockets near the top on the outside. Currently empty but wanted to show them. They are lined with a soft material that you could put iPods, digital cameras etc. in without scratching the screens.

Main compartment.

Main compartment open. Zippered pockets on the right. We will come back to those later. Main compartment is huge. Two Mountain House pouches, one MRE entree (Beef and Mushrooms). Lots of room for more stuff.

Top mesh/zippered pocket has medical supplies, gauze, bandages, one dose Zicam, hand sanitizer, neosporin tube, sinus caplets.
Bottom has eye mositurizing drops, small bottle Excederin Migraine, water purification tablets, dental floss, baby wipes, rain poncho.

Under the MH pouches and MRE are two Mainstay Calorie bars.

Under all the food is another zipper pouch and a compression pocket. There is another lined pocket for iPod's, Blackberry, etc. The pocket hangs down and is the small pocket at the left of the mesh. In the mesh I have 2 MRE dairyshakes (choc.), 2 beverage base (grape) and an MRE sports bar.

The compression pocket has a pair of BDU pants, two pair socks, and a t-shirt.

In the back is a hydration system and pouch. I have not bothered checking the ounces it will hold.

I have a bunch of work gear from the trunk that would be coming with me as well.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #19 on: August 16, 2009, 04:20:16 PM »
I like having duct tape BUT I don't want to carry a whole role.   Solution:  I took a promotional/blank credit card that comes in junk mail (a hotel key card would do) and I wrapped about 15 feet of duct tape around it.  It makes a pack about the size of a deck of cards. 

I was always taught in the military to put duct tape around items you would already carry.  I used to put it around the canteen I carried without the canteen cup, but another idea is anything in a plastic bag/container as it will: waterproof it, reinforce the container and reduce the space needed for the tape.  :-)

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #20 on: September 22, 2009, 07:24:22 AM »

T.H.E. bag

The "heavy" rig

One of the stick

I'll give a run down of the contents later.
And sorry about the size, I will try to resize the pics so they're easier to see.
« Last Edit: September 22, 2009, 07:29:12 AM by arkangel13 »

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #21 on: October 19, 2009, 06:54:27 PM »
Yay! Photos!

My bag in all it's packed glory. Right to left, beer, band-aids, bullets.

The black box is my new 800 watt inverter, typically stored in the car. Rifle goes in the [opsec], and will soon be recieving a custom mounted 2.5-7x scope.

Back of the bag, showing mace and stainless water bottle. I have a pack of bottled water in the closet and in the car, so if shtf, I have something to drink/cook with, not in/on the bag itself.

What's inside the bottle:
Plastic shopping bags and a zip tie (helps to remove the stuff from the bottle) toilet paper for wadding to hold things tight, linen string, shoelaces, and a pair of backup earbuds for my radio/mp3/PDA
Red fabric is a shop rag placeholder for two pair of bikini briefs. I figure any or all of this could be used to start a fire, so I keep it in the most watertight thing I have. If I need the bottle, I'll dump the contents into a ziploc in my bag.

More to come in a minute

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #22 on: October 19, 2009, 07:14:05 PM »

You may notice I have no med kit in this bag: I used it.


One medical emergency and I was toast, and left with a few ziplocs with band aids, gauze and antibiotic ointment, and one pack of sutures.

It's being re-stocked and will reside mostly in this panel:

Far right to far left:
Aluminum pill case with hot knife tip for soldering iron, and three pair of foam ear plugs. Carbide jigsaw blade, and single LED flashlight on carabiner. lensatic compass above the glow sticks, immodium, electric engraver, butane sodlering iron/torch, pin vise and drill bits (also bits for engraver/drill/crappy excuse for a dremel) super glue - great for suture like repairs. Mechanix gloves, and the OD bottle has a buncha crap in it like aspirin, benadryl, and three types of antibiotics. I have some batteries stored in here, and my automatic center punch, some cash and the silver thign up top is a much more powerful LED/red laser flashlight on a breakaway wire pull ring. Most of the dangly stuff gets yanked off and put on my belt as I run out the door if I need silence.

Next compartment moving toward my back holds:

50 foot climbing rope, BOB cookstove-in-a-sock that I posted on a few days ago, some 180gr FMJ "bad medicine" and a few softpoints. P100 respirator, mesh tool bag expanded later, another butane torch (filled) chopsticks, 6 in 1 screwdriver, and another pair of clean socks.

Tool kit:

SAE/Metric Sockets, Sae/metric hex, and torx wrenches, and a socket extension. Bag has little clippie thing for belt or work area. Lots of carabiners here there and everywhere, as well as zip ties for temp. handsfree hardpoints from which to hang my kits.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #23 on: October 19, 2009, 07:49:12 PM »

we're now in the main compartment right  next to my back.

Extensible socket wrench - tool+defense - heavy!!!, knock-off mechanix gloves, multitool with adjustable wrench, ziptied plastic bags, and a total of four different locking/bent/etc. tweezers, big cheap survival knife with firestarting junk in the handle - I re-pinned and heat treated the blade, and a composition book, mostly for rigidity, but it's nice to have extra paper for tinder or messages.

Moving north, I have a NiMH recharger, playing cards, more plastic bags (box of matches inside, and a lighter, as in the steel water bottle) elastic bandage, vaporub - congestion aid, as well as a scent concealer if being chased by dogs... not that you would... and some of my food. I found that tools pop the can lids open too easily, so I duct tape two cans together, lids facing one another, and haven't had a problem since. moving up and to the right, four hacksaw blades wrapped in a shop rag, another pair of cotton work gloves, also zip tied with some batteries rolled up in them, and a convenience kit with gold bond, antibiotic ointment, sunblock, alcohol and OFF wipes, tissues, a pack or two of gauze, and a pack of baby butt wipes.

Finishing off the main compartment, I've got bamboo chopsticks in the ziploc up top, plenty of orange and green light sticks, and the neatest hatchet ever - comes with a sharpening stone on the plastic blade protector. S7 steel head with a nail puller and handy hook in the handle.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #24 on: October 19, 2009, 07:59:02 PM »
Last one, I swear!

Saddlebag compartments:

Left side - sharpies, matches, 2 days worth of carbs, protien, and fat, instant heat pack, and a NH3NO2 treated notebook for tinder. The blue thing hanging off the pocket is a pocket oiler with WD-40 in it. Tip is about the size of a fine point sharpie.

Food in that pocket as you see it right now consists of potted meat, sardines, deviled ham, two bags of trail mix, and a can of spam. I ate the beef jerky and ramen during an all-night stay @ the hospital. I also have a bag that's normally here with instant coffee, but I'm working on a field expedient drip coffee maker that'll pack up just like my BOB stove.

Right side is similar:

More food - this time herring, potted meat, spam, a pack of ramen, and another pack of trail mix in the ziploc, another treated notebook, oxi-clean so I can wash my clothes in one of the larger ziploc bags (it works!) electical tape, AA and AAA batteries are stowed in little loops all over the outside of the bag, a pen, and the keychain mentioned earlier with flashlight, carbide saw, and a handcuff key.

That does it folks!

Keep in mind there's a trauma kit, and safety glasses that you didn't see (I keep a pair in my car, and another pair in the trauma kit) and I'll cover that separately, along with the coffee maker when I get done with it.

Let me know what you think!

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #25 on: January 06, 2010, 09:12:46 PM »

Not nearly as comprehensive as some of you but I finally got the pack I ordered today so I figured I'd post now.

The pack is just a general surplus MOLLE 2 pack.  I like all the molle points but it has only three pouches.  It does fit well with plenty of adjustment straps and waist band.

Now, to the contents.

1--Maps of KY, TN and MI, the three states in which I spend most of my time.
2--Army Survival Manual-nuff said.
3--Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights.  What better reading material?
4--Harmonica.  For annoying people, signaling, entertainment, killing aliens (Twilight Zone reference!)
5--Food Grade Tubing
6--Duck Tape
7--Tealights (for ambiance!)
8--Fire Kit.  One Swedish Striker and flint/mag bar.
9--Two flashlights (one shake)
10--Fishing and sewing kit (Roostertails, jigs, stainless hooks, bobbers, etc.)
11--Two types of line (Braided (strong) and Fluorocarbon (invisible))
12--Water purification tablets
13--Emergency Water paks
14--Mountain House
15--Protein Bars
16--Emergency Rations
17--Utensils (including the venerable P-38)
18--Tube Tent
21--Hygiene Kit (Deodorant and Floss)
22--First aid.  Just a general first aid kit but I've added Tamiflu, oragel, benadryl, Prilosec, Zyrtec.  The small pouch is a Field Surgeon Kit
23--Tools.  Multipliers, scissors, cheap knives.
24--HK USPC40
25--Extra Keys
26--Money Kit.  Roll of quarters, 10 silver quarters, ounce bar of silver

Things not shown but included.
*5 bottles of water
*Stainless water bottle
*Extra Mags (I DECLARE OPSEC!!!)
*USB Drive with digital copies of docs
*Deactivated cell phone (911)
*Changes of clothing for myself and the tot.
*Miso soup packs
*Wool blanket
*N95 mask

Things I need to get yet
*Gerber LMF2 (Thanks to you guys who turned me on to it)
*Collapsible fishing rod
*Camp pad

This thing is going to weigh as much as me.  My plan is to divide some things into a GHB.  We'll see how that goes.


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #26 on: January 09, 2010, 03:39:06 PM »

Just a quick question. . .I have multiple bag set ups.  I have a full-blown PERK set up, which I've already posted, and what I call a HERK (Hostile Environment Resource Kit. . .sorta like a GHB but set up for more of a dangerous situation where I may have to carry both a handgun and a long-gun to get home).

Should I post the pics of the HERK/GHB here, or start a new thread?

The Professor


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #27 on: January 09, 2010, 05:48:52 PM »

Just a quick question. . .I have multiple bag set ups.  I have a full-blown PERK set up, which I've already posted, and what I call a HERK (Hostile Environment Resource Kit. . .sorta like a GHB but set up for more of a dangerous situation where I may have to carry both a handgun and a long-gun to get home).

Should I post the pics of the HERK/GHB here, or start a new thread?

The Professor
Post each one here with info please


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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #28 on: January 16, 2010, 01:18:21 PM »
Weve seen some pretty good bags so far, I know there are more to show.

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Re: Post Pictures of Your Bug Out Bags
« Reply #29 on: February 02, 2010, 06:58:11 PM »
Pics and contents please...