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Very pleased with Soterion Ventures dba Tea Party Silver/Silver and Gold Shop


NPR Rich:
Though my order was small, they were very helpful in helping me locate my order from USPS. Must have been delayed by all this global warming I found them to be prompt and courteous and would recommend them highly.

Hare of Caerbannog:
I too was pleased with my resent purchase at Tea Party/Silver and Gold Shop.
I actually made a mistake in my order. They got back to me very quickly and everything was fixed. Got my silver today.
Great to do business with.
I think Mary Beth has stolen me as a customer from my local coin shop where I have done business for the last 2 years.

pleased with silver order from Tea Party Silver/ Silver and Gold .  when will silver and gold shop sell gold?  any recommendations for gold purchase in the meantime?

Hare of Caerbannog:
I like Lakota Silver. I made a purchase there today.


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