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Fantastic Service from Harmony House - Ref Episode 367


The Interview with Tammy Gangloff, Episode 367 had a lot of great take away information.  We live on a small farm in SE VA and presently have a 6,000 square foot kitchen garden.  I plant every year, its cheap insurance plus the fresh goodies can't be beat.  

However, both the wife and I hate to can.  Even though I moved our electric stove out to the barn so we could can w/out heating up the house in summer, its just something we continue to put off.  Result, lots goes to our in-laws, parents kids, etc....  Come home from work, pick a couple 5 gallon bucket of green beans and you're up till midnight canning them....

So, on comes show 367.  I had not given serious thought about drying food.  Perhaps drying, could be for us, an alternative or adjunct to canning?  Before making an investment in a dryer and the time to properly use it, I took Jacks lead and bought a sampler pack of dried foods from Harmony House:

While on their site, I noticed they also offer a Backpacking kit (great to put with my "Go Bag").  Having 70 full servings of Veggies that have a super long shelf life with a full set of directions and recipes in a 5 lb box 10.5" X 8" X 6" is a definite plus.

I ordered on Sunday, the Feb 21.  It arrived here in VA today by FEDEX.  Because the order was over $100, there was no shipping charge.

That's great service!

Perhaps one of Jacks value add business partnerships for MSB members between the Survival Podcast/Forum and Harmony House might be appropriate here.

BTW: If you have not heard #367 and visited Tammy's www site, watched a few of her YouTube videos on drying food, its a good investiture in your time.


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