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Our Own Frequency Resource Listings

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While in south central Iowa try 146.835 tone 123.0  usually linked to the Sheldalh system that covers Iowa from north to south

AZCeltic formerly occeltic:
Thanks for the info Donnie. I was in Des Moines a couple of weekends ago for a family get together and thought about taking my HT with me. The next time I make the trip I will be ready!


Here are some repeater listings for the Houston, TX area.

This is an extensive list that is updated regularly.

Well  I live in Alaska and use the 20meter, 80 meter frequencies of 14.292 USB , and 3.920 LSB, and 3.933 LSB
 the first is in the Am at 8:30 Alaska time on 14.292 and is the Atlantic Pacific Traffic Net . The rest are local Alaska Nets. The Snipers Net is at 6 PM and is on 3.920 Alaska time, and the last is @ 9 PM on 3.933 Alaska time

Wisconsin repeaters Great resource when traveling.


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