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I'm getting ready to put in an order for hardy kiwi, rasberries, and asparagas.  The prices seem to be great.  Has anyone done business with this company, or chosen not to do business for any particular reason?



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Good find I will be contacting these guys about an MSB discount next week.

I hate to be a parade-rainer-on'er but...

Dave's Garden has saved my @ss several times now.


I have to agree with KYdoomer on this.  You are MUCH better going to the individual garden supplier to get your plants.
For what it's worth, I started with using Gurney's when I was a new gardener and poor as dirt. I had good luck with them and when something went wrong, they always stood by their promise to replace or refund, even a year later.
Since then, I have found FEDCO seeds, and Miller Nursery for a lot of my stuff. I still order from Gurneys, but not as much, due to variety choice.  I also find it valuable to cross check catalogs to find out what they each say about certain varieties, if you aren't in zone 6 or 7, where everything grows, then it's worth taking the time to make sure the plant you grow is best for where you live. With online capabilities, you can just do a search on any variety you are thinking of getting. Same goes for the company you are buying from.

Wow, thats a lot of negative feed back.  It didn't seem to be nitpicky stuff either.  Seemed like there were some pretty serious issues.  I was attracted by the low cost of the arctic beauty kiwi plants, but the pita factor seems like it will make up for the savings.

Daves garden seems like a cool resource.

If you are still planning on contacting the company, I would like to hear about your conversation with them.  I would like to know how they respond to someone who wants to help their retail endeavour but is willing to ask tough questions.



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