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Solutions From Science
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Not sure where to put this, but I figured since Jack has them as an advertiser now, I'd comment on them.  I ordered the solar generator kit and also their Survival Seed Bank this fall from Solutions from Science  ( and (

The Solar Generator is really neat.  It's definitely something we can use camping, just for the hell of it, or in a crisis situation.  The panel is nicely constructed and easy to set up in just a few minutes. It was a LOT of money, but after pricing a couple of places on the web and the ease of use, it was worth it for me.  I am single and female, and most of the time I go the hard route doing the DIY and I just didn't have the time to really dig in and research solar options.  I do craft shows and I thought about using it when I do those in the future. (Vendors camping out the night before OR use it even during the show itself where I normally would pay an extra $25-50 for a booth with power access.)  ;D

After conditioning the battery as the manual suggests, I ran a lamp w/one of those spiral bulbs for about 3 days on it...a regular light bulb at 65 watts drained it in about 8-9 hours.  My usage will most likely be light duty during a power outage for running nebulizers for Respiratory issues, the ability to have a light in the dark, and also run the basic necessities such as a blow dryer, blender, toaster, etc. 

Solar Panel is very light and sturdy.  The battery pack (the generator) is HEAVY!  I lift weights and am in excellent shape, so toting this thing may not be for someone who has a back issue.

I purchased the survival seed bank too! It's in a nice PVC pipe and the packets are nicely packaged inside in mylar bags.  They also email you a link to download a HUGE pdf file about using your seeds in a crisis.  Hence no crisis for me, I can't comment other than how well packaged and also the selection of seeds are really nice and are things that I would actually grow in a larger garden than what I have now. (Very similar to what my grandparents grew when I was a kid!)

That's my 2cents on a review.  If this needs to go elsewhere, please let me know!!