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Title: Harvest Eating
Post by: inconel710 on December 03, 2014, 05:38:54 PM
I ordered the TSP pack from Chef Keith this summer, then ordered some olive oil a little while later.  The seasonings ended up being delayed and I had a hard time getting a response from anyone on the order status.  Chef Keith got in touch with me personally and explained the reason for the delay (sourcing some of the herbs) and the order eventually got delivered.  I'm glad he mentioned that issue on the show recently because it sets the expectations where they need to be.  The best part, though, was Keith pitched in an extra bag of Montana Steak as an apology.  I appreciated that.

So far, the seasonings have been great.  We haven't used the Low and Slow BBQ or the Montana Steak yet, but the Northern Italian and Greek Chicken have been excellent.  I've made Jack's sausage recipe several times and everyone has loved it.  This week, my wife used the Greek Chicken on an extra turkey breast we had picked up for Thanksgiving.  She rubbed some under the skin and stuffed more in a couple slices in the meat.  The result was amazing!

So, kudos to Chef Keith for putting out a quality product that is worth the wait sometimes!