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How about a PDW in 30 Carbine?

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I think this caliber offers the best balance or ballistics, compactness and small weight.
Smaller than 223 (to fit in a smaller package lengthwise AND girth wise) but with better ballistics than 9mm and 7.62 Tokarev.

Which are the reasons why none for he PDW never caught up. The times they were small enough, they had to be in a lesser caliber, and the times they were in 223 they were too close to being a XM-177/GAU-5.
You know when i first saw the KelTec CMR-30 I was elated, till I found that the -30 had nothing to do with the caliber.

It would be interesting to find out what velocities of the 30 Carbine would be in 9-11 inch barrels.
And what "compact" method of operation would be optimal. Maybe, radial delayed blowback or DI?

So, guys what do you think of this daydreaming?

  You can find reloading data for the 30 Carb. for pistoles. Some of the data is for the Blackhawk revolver.


and what about the "compact" method of operation?

  Plainfield or Universal Made a pistol version of the 30 Carbine and their was the Paratrooper version with folding wire stock. Were not aloud to own the Paratroop version here in Michigan. Ok in most other states.

The Professor:
Honestly. . .

I'd think you'd be better off with .300 BLK.  Easier to locate, easier to make, easier to suppress (if necessary).  Any AR lower can accept a .300 BLK upper and you have a veritable plethora of bullets from which to choose for both super- and sub-sonic.

Just a thought.

The Professor


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