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Adding Wild replicas to display in a gun room?

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Black November:
Do you think it is a bad idea to include some wild replicas in a gun room like a fake RPG, dummy grenades, or a belt fed .50 cal? Obliviously all would be non-functioning and totally legal, but it would really throw people off.

These fakes would only be for decoration purpose, and to compliment the actual firearms collection.

Thoughts pros/cons?

It's your room, you can do what you want.
Are you asking because you're going to let others in to see?
Maybe that's not a good idea...

Black November:
I am more concerned that there will some kind of misunderstanding with alphabet soup, and I will be escorted/held downtown until they finally realize they’re replicas.

Those guys are pretty good at spotting replicas.
I don't think you'll have much to worry about.

I would be concerned about some whiny liberal filing a complaint, and getting shot during a kick the door open event....


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