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David in MN:
I have a Savage model 10 in 6.5 Creedmoor I'm just starting to put through its paces as winter recedes and I have time. The gun came with a GRS Berserk Stock...

And I'm loving it. It has unbelievably strong adjustment and ergonomics that people pick up and just kind of love. The fore end is crazy wide and flat and the pistol grip is absolute perfection. The Berserk is their flagship cold weather hunter stock. It has some weird quick release sling mounts on the side as well.

There are 2 giant downsides. It's heavy. I mean 1.4 kg. That's over 3 lbs of stock. Granted the rifle itself is heavy and built for long range cold weather shots (read as elk hunting) but it is heavy. And (more annoying to me) the pistol grip, while perfectly ergonomic, makes me have to release the grip to actuate the safety. That sucks.

All in all I have to give GRS high marks. Yes, it sucks to carry and the safety thing drives me crazy but when the shot breaks it is a dream to hold. They make hunting, long range, and competition stocks for people who like a very stable (if heavier) shooting platform. It is a Norwegian company which lends to my belief that those of us in cold climate really like a big, heavy bolt gun. But if you're the type who wants a big beefy stock consider GRS.

David in MN:
Here's a really good review that shows how unusual the grip is. Both vertical and canted off center.

And as my Marine buddy says there are people who are right handed and people who are wrong handed. OK, that's another downside.

David in MN:
The owner of GRS in Norway explaining his product. I love seeing the Federal Ammo hat...

Norway and Anoka just seem made for each other.


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