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Whole Bunch of Input Requested: AR Pistols as EDC Questions

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The Professor:

--- Quote from: Carl on August 04, 2018, 05:31:25 PM ---  The weapon one should have is one that is accurate,powerful,reliable and can be utilized for the task. I don't find a good carbine cut down to a unwieldy handgun as a suitable weapon. Kind od like the JUDGE pistol in .410...many rave about the shotgun/pistol and yet few would call it acceptable for rabbit or squirrel yet give it ATOMIC capability as a self defense handgun...makes no sense to me. A 300 BLK AR in sub-sonic is not quite the equal to a 357 magnum or even 357 SIG and yet is far heavier and over-sized piece of hardware.For vehicle carry,I would stick to a good fitting and sighted carbine as more capable of accurate fire. Just my opinion

--- End quote ---

Well, a couple of things, here.

First off, pretty much everyone that would ride in my vehicle carries a gun on a daily basis.  Me, my wife, my best friend, his wife, our next best friend and his wife. . .yeah, that's pretty much the limit of who rides in my vehicles.  So, I do have access to a proper handgun situated on my hip, as do most of my passengers (though, truth be known, the wives tend to have those purses with built-in holsters.

Second, I wouldn't be using subsonic ammo in the .300 BLK, if I did decide to go with it.  As I mentioned in the original post, the car gun would have a 9" barrel, which is the optimal length for the round.  We've been shooting this almost exact set-up out of a pair of stamped SBR's at matches for over a year.  Using a pistol lower means I don't have to jump through legal hoops when I take it across state lines, since I have a license to carry a handgun recognized in the two states I do frequently visit.

This set up (9" bbl, SIG Elite Performance 120gr ammo) gives us the same muzzle energy as an M4 in 5.56x45 with a 14.5" barrel and about 5% more at over 400m. As far as accuracy goes, with the SBR set up, we're getting 1.5-2 MOA at 100m. 

Comparing the .300 BLK in this format to a proper handgun in .357 Magnum or .357 Sig. . .it's seriously apples to oranges . I can still shoulder the pistol-format like a proper rifle or carbine. I have 30 rounds vs 8-15.  My range goes well out to 200m, if I need it and with a proper optic on it (we've been running the ACOG on the SBR's, but may not on the car gun. . .I don't want it THAT expensive).  Faster reload vs the .357 Magnum with a similar reload time to the .357 Sig.

Basically, I am carrying a well-fitting and -sighted carbine. . .it's just legally considered a pistol because of the hardware.

The Professor


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