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Article praising the Shotgun

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David in MN:
An interesting read even if it is all stuff I already knew.

It's easy to forget how "Americana" the shotgun is. To those of us who grew up in farm families it's like a rake or shovel. Old and beat up and laying about like any other tool. It's odd to think of it as a "weapon of war" but I suppose you pluck any kid off the farm and a Winchester or Remington pump is a natural tool.

In a world going crazy about AR 15 pattern rifles it's worth remembering that if I could only have one gun it'd be a shotgun.

Yup. Out of all the pump, semi-auto, over and under 12 ga. and other shotguns I've had/have. My favorite was an inexpensive pawn shop special side by side .410.

Good article.  I’m a firm believer in a shotgun as the best all purpose firearm for the homestead or farm.  While my .22 gets more use as a varmit gun, the shotgun is what I want for home defense and for nuisance birds like Canada Geese.  A 7or 8 shot trap load works well for both.

Pretty good video on terminal ballistics of a shotgun.

Mr. Bill:
I only have one complaint about shotguns: when you and your wife are firearms novices and that nice trustworthy ex-cop in the pawn shop persuades you that you should really buy a 12-gauge instead of the 16-gauge you wanted and the first thing you learn is IT REALLY HURTS TO SHOOT and so you put the shotgun under the bed and don't practice and wait years before you buy a firearm that you actually enjoy shooting.

But yeah, other than that... 8)


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