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Can we learn from states with AWB?

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Smurf Hunter:
Not intending to be alarmist, also not intending to be defeatist about things.

But in the event you could not legally possess a normally equipped AR-15, how would you substitute it legally given regulations of places like CA/CT/NY/NJ/etc ?

Do you neuter the rifle's features until it's a legally compliant shadow of it's former self?  Removing the pistol grip, pin the magazine, etc?
Or do you change up things completely and go with a lever action rifle? Something else?

As preppers we often talk about self-sufficient means to produce food, energy and other resources.  This might be a helpful thought experiment.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

I have heard of many being altered in CA to comply. SO, same features as, for example, a mini 14, but black polymer stock and easy ability to connect accessories.......lighter than the mini-14, can use all ar platform 3 point slings, lights, sighting options. Reduced capacity magazine, or course, but no longer needing a bullet button, so can eject magazine -- this is my understanding hearing them talk about it.

Neutered ARs suck, but neutering is reversible if circumstances change, so that option beats turning it in.

Otherwise look towards something like a Garand, an M1A, or a Keltec SU.  Anything without the stigma of a pistol grip. 

I also have at least one non-semiautomatic weapon for each round I stock, with the exception of 9 and 40 (which I probably should work on).

are 22's assault weapons ?

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: surfivor on February 28, 2018, 04:15:24 PM ---are 22's assault weapons ?

--- End quote ---

You can get a pistol grip stock of a Ruger 10/22, and (for the moment) I can get 25 round "banana" magazines for them.  If loaded with high velocity CCI stingers, it's not anything to laugh at.


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